Feb 26th

Hey everyone! It's Friday evening! Feeling sorry for myself!
Whining! Wow! ~~~Nancy

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Hi everyone! It's a Friday and I'm depressed. Feeling sorry for myself maybe.

It's cold outside and - warm in the house. I've got coffee and I'm working on my website.

I'm sad because I should be able to make money with this web magazine and I can't for the life of me understand why I'm not figuring it out!

I've got so many resources!

It's not understandable that I'm not getting it. Whatever it is! I'm just not getting it!

I've complicated so many things; but I'm finally getting something, I think that I'm getting something!

But has it been too long? Is it too late?

It's so frustrating because I love what I'm doing - I think that I put the website on the back burner for too long a time and there's not time to catch up.
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Image: Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Image: Historic Red Building

Image: ~~~Nancy Gurish

I've kept praying and I'm keeping praying. I've got to keep my chin up off of the floor, and just press on.

That was my mantra one time "I press on to the mark for the goal which is God in Christ Jesus".

So, I press on! I'll keep you up to date!

Now it's colder in the house - whine, whine, whine; I've gotta get some cheese for this w-h-ine! Bye! ~~~Nancy

P.S. I could complicate a paper bag in a grocery store!

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