Feb 28th

Hi! Feeling optimistic! Brighter day! ~~~Nancy

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Hi everyone!

Well - it's February 28th and this year we get an extra day! We'll have February 29 in fine this year! A leap year by gum!

Ya know what? My internet magazine that you will always hear me speak of in my videos - is really coming along nicely.

There are old adages that will tell you things like, 'practice makes perfect' and etc. Things that tell you to just keep doing something and it gets better. For me and my magazine it's coming true.

The magazine started in October of 2010 and it's February of 2016; it's been a long road but I believe it's gotten to a place where it seems real, and do-able!

Wow! What do you know? And just lately I was believing that I'd need to get a part time job.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I have so many resources available to me, four YouTube channels and this whole magazine set up; and a blog, and a my Buttercup Page on Facebook! that, if I couldn't get this off the ground there would be something seriously wrong with me.

I've been praying for a long time each day, about this. It's time something had to give.

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