New Playlist At My YouTube Channel~ Friday Afternoon Fare!
Hey Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

March 11th

It's Friday! ~~~Nancy

Oh! I got a new
Friday Afternoon Fare! ~~~Nancy

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Today I'm publishing my first Friday Afternoon Fare video at my YouTube channel! Friday Afternoon Fare is my latest playlist. My video today is about psychiatric medicines.

It turns out that psychiatry's medicine wasn't founded on true science. I don't know a quick way of describing that - it is similar though to how the medical field uses drug therapy as a bandaid for illnesses.

If you know me, you know how I feel about synthetic medicines; I am not a fan of them!

I would *recommend to anyone to look to videos to get the story on how psych meds came to be. I don't even remember all the details, but it is another absurdity that I've found to be in our world. So many things that I / we, thought to be true - are lies.

Sometimes it is hard to believe how many lies we have bought into!

It's Friday - and that has some good things and ... some other things about it for me!

It's a bit sunny out, that is nice and the weather is getting milder.

I just wanted to say hi! And - have a great day!


*If I find a good video about this I will get back to this page to give you a link to it!
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