Note From ~~~Nancy March 6, 2016

Hi! I had fun with you all today! Two new webpages up ~ Saw some of you
on Google Plus! Goodnight Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

March 6th

Good Day And Now ~Good Night! ~~~Nancy

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Note To You!

Hi buttercups!

I don't know if everyone knows what a Buttercup is...

On YouTube I've got four (4) channels. One is the regular one; about everything to do with health (main channel), and other things.

Another of my channels is about technology things, website building, YouTube video making, etc., it's called Your Health And Tech Friend.

Another is the Spiritual Walkway which is of course, about things 'spiritual' in nature.

Then there is my VLOG - a video log, or journal. The VLOG is absolutely my favorite channel! I can let my hair down there!

It's not that I'm not, myself on the other channels, but I feel most comfortable talking in a VLOG format.

On the VLOG - it's got a name, "Behind The Scenes". It's all about behind the scenes, it's my walk in a day. I just take you along with me and talk about what I'm doing.

That is the place where I have asked you to be my Buttercup!
J.P. Snyder Engine Room
Image taken by: ~~~Nancy Gurish J.P. Snyder ~ Southern Ohio USA Steam ship engine room

[Here is a picture for you! Isn't this colorful! This is from the engine room of the steam boat the J.P. Snyder that was docked on the Ohio River. I was there on vacation a couple of years ago.]

If you go the vlog, you might be able to find the one - or two where I sing about that to you.

It is the song called 'Build Me Up Buttercup', it was the song from when I was 12 years old and 'dating' - a boy named Dennis. And that was supposed to be our song.

We saw each other twice, once outside of the school and again in a playground.

That's all we did, back in the day sometimes.

That was dating, not ... well, maybe one kiss. I don't even remember talking to the kid. Enough of that.

Long day, - for you too?

Goodnight - Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

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Oh! I got a new Mary Higgins Clark mystery! "Death Wears A Beauty Mask! ~~~Nancy

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