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There are several tests, these days to determine early on if you have cancer.

(See the video below; HCG Tests, Biomeridian and Vega machine.

What I do, to determine if I have cancer, is to test my pH, my saliva pH which tells me the condition of my immune system. ~`See My Saliva pH

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Your saliva pH can tell you if cancer cells are present, in great enough quantity, to cause a problem.

The Liver

More and more people are learning about cancer, what it is and how to take care of it themselves.

I know, personally two people who have treated themselves, successfully from 4th stage cancer. One of them had lung, chest and neck cancer; the second one had abdomen and intestinal cancer.

Both of these people are close friends/family of mine; and they both used turmeric to treat themselves. And it worked.

These two people say that they will use turmeric in their food for the rest of their life!

I did have cancer, in 2013 through 2015, before I knew about using turmeric. I used a variety of supplements, some were not mainstream products. ~`My Melanoma And Black Salve

I had a very ugly mole on my side, at my braline that had changed through the years. It passed the 5 signs of being skin cancer. I did not see a doctor for my situation.

I knew that I would not accept traditional help from the medical community; so I took care of it myself.

Ty Bollinger is one person you can find him online, who has been working to share his knowledge about cancer. You can see one of Ty's books below.

Detecting cancer early is a great thing. That is when you can work, more easily to get it out of your body.

Keeping your minerals up is a great way to keep the immune system working well! Minerals = health! The cruciferous vegetables help with this!

Add Cruciferous Vegetables!

These vegetables have the minerals that support healthy body tissues!

  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Kale, watercress, bok choy, green leafy
  • Broccli, brussels sprouts

I have been learning many ways to stay healthy through natural means! I am not in the health care field; I am a Cosmetologist, and I look for ways to stay healthy and keep my family healthy! ~`To The Portico

See my video below that describes a lot about how to know if you have cancer!

Begin now to learn how to treat yourself for cancer, so that you are not stuck in a bind if you get a cancer diagnosis! ~`See Cancer Topics I

Anyone can begin to introduce turmeric, as example in to their diet! A good organic one is best! It will do the best job! ~`Turmeric And Cancer

Turmeric is available in capsule form, and powder form. God bless you on your journey!

The Video!


"The Truth about Cancer: The Quest for the Cures Continues: Complete 11 Episodes" by Ty Bollinger.

P.S. Some people use turmeric for bone support, pain and even brain health! ~`Turmeric Great Support!

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"I began to have panic attacks and a lot of anxiety! So - I have some thoughts to share about this. Through the years I have discovered that I also have Adult ADD. And Obsessive compulsive disorder. There were times when I knew that I didn't wish my life on my worst enemy~ But I have come out the other side! And that's what I have to share! ~`read more

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P.S. See vitamin A for hearing loss! ~`Tinnitus

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Please note: This is not health advice. I'm a Cosmetologist and I am interested in ways to stay healthy through natural means! And then I share my experience with you! ~`My Disclaimer Page

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