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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

This section of my magazine is devoted to the topic
of learning disorders! Recognition is the first step!

Understanding it is the next step! ~~~Nancy

Learning Disabilities ~ Definiation, Diagnosis etc.

Hi Buttercups! I've got learning disorders~

This affects every aspect of your life because,
it affects how other people treat you and their
opinion of you. This, can definately affect how
you feel about yourself. This has been my
experience. ~~~Nancy

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I've come to an understanding about this and
I am at a place where I can work with my
disabilities. They truly can disable you.

Recognition is very important, once you understand
what is going on, you can work with it. For one thing,
you know that it is not your intelligence.

Knowing is the beginning of learning how to
work with it! ~~~Nancy

I'll put a video below that you can see.

You can see it here, or on YouTube!

I'll find a book for you as well, that may help!

The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook:
Ready-To-Use Strategies and Activities for Teaching ...

Related information!

Early warning signs of a learning disability!

"A child with a learning disability may understand a story perfectly when it is read to him but will struggle to answer questions about it afterward. Another child might easily recite the alphabet from A to Z but be unable to name individual letters when they're pointed out. Still another child may have a hard time putting together puzzles, tying his shoes, or buttoning a sweater."

Excerpt from Baby Center