Living With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Living With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - My Experience

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My Life With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

by Nancy K Gurish

My name is Nancy Gurish and currently I am the editor of an internet magazine titled Your Health And Tech Friend. I have decided to write my story of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the hopes that it may be of help to someone. I feel actually quite silly writing about this. It has been some time since I have talked about this disorder at any length. Actually, I will be looking for other articles on this topic, as I'd like to make certain that I do it justice, before and while I write my description and my feelings.

The first article I am looking to in my search is from "Helpguide dot org." As it says, "It's normal, on occasion, to go back and double-check that the iron is unplugged or your car is locked. But if you suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors become so excessive they interfere with your daily life. No matter what you do, you can't seem to shake them. But help is available. With treatment and self-help strategies, you can break free of the unwanted thoughts and irrational urges and take back control of your life." The article goes on to explain what obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is.

The difficulty I am having in writing about this is because I am living, most successfully with this awful disorder. How can I say 'successfully' and 'awful disorder' in the same sentence? Well, I'll try and explain.

At this time I am 56 years old and I believe the symptoms of this malady came about at the age of 12. It has been quite a long time that I've been managing my life around it. One great source of help came to me by way of a therapist named James Priester, LISW-S, Ph.D. in Ohio. He introduced me to the teachings of a Dr. Claire Weekes, (1903 - 1990) who had a book out at that time, of her treatment for anxiety disorder, called "Peace From Nervous Suffering." Looking to the internet today I see she is termed "Anxiety Superhero." Thinking back to my therapy with
Jim Priester, I can recall that he termed Dr. Weekes' book, 'the Bible for agorophobics.' My sessions with Dr. Priester and the information he gave to me about Dr. Weekes (and a set of cassette tapes of Dr. Weekes' treatment method, provided me with a lifetime of help with OCD. Because of this, I am living each day, practicing her methods; and living pretty successfully with this disorder.

In life there almost always seems to be a 'but' or 'however' and in this case there is quite a big one. I am living with it daily and it still is a very difficult to live with. I came to the conclusion many years ago that, I wouldn't wish my life on my worst enemy. The main reason is the OCD. Obsessive compulsive disorder and the anxiety and sometimes agorophobia which comes with it; the rituals alone... are something that will bring an average guy to his knees. Or an average woman, and it did bring me down quite a bit.

At this time I am going to stop writing about my life with OCD. What I will be doing is making a video about my feelings and my experience with this disorder. I feel that I can talk about my thoughts easier than write about them.

If you have OCD - please know that Dr. Weekes' therapy does work and I would recommend it highly. It has helped me to manage my life pretty well. I'd really rather not have this troublesome disorder, but if I have to have something, it's not that bad! Huh? If I find another story of a fellow sufferer, I will put that information on this page also. I'll do that a.s.a.p.

Nancy Gurish

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