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"... Growing up in the 1960's and 70's - in the neighborhood I came from gave me plenty of knowledge of the effects of substance abuse. So very many people at that time were involved in the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs ... (see this page)

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  • Addiction

  • Growing up in the 1960's and 70's - in the neighborhood I came from gave me plenty of knowledge of the effects of substance abuse. So very many people at that time were involved in the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

    can't even begin to describe the images... things we see... 'we' who know

    addiction - who have seen it up close.

  • Allergic Reactions - Potassium Sorbate

  • "...Potassium sorbate has been used for a long time but has recently been very widely used in beauty products that have some kind of natural story about them. How natural is it? Potassium sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid....

    It is well tolerated by most people. There are a few people out there who get mild skin reactions

    to it. But is very much dependent on the nature of the formulation, so it might well be the case that some products with it will irritate, while others don't ..."

    • Alzheimers / Thyroid Connection

      "...It is not a part of normal aging, says the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH contends that the cause of Alzheimer's is "not known." They say, "Prior theories regarding the accumulation of aluminum, lead, mercury, and other substances in the brain have been disproved." Don't believe that. Federal agencies have a talent for not finding environmental causes for many diseases. They live by the motto,

      "Do not seek and thou shall not find."

    • Argyria, How It Happens; How It Doesn't!

    • "One of the concerns about taking colloidal silver is a skin condition called argyria. Argyria is a condition where the skin turns grey or blue-grey. It is a real condition and it is difficult to reverse, but it is not caused by pure colloidal silver. Let us define "colloidal silver" as: a solution made with pure silver wires (e.g. at least 99.95% pure silver), mixed with pure distilled water, and absolutely nothing is added to the water ..." FDA's Opinion on 'Silver Products' ... to this page ...

    • Arthritis

    • "A welcome reaction to taking colloidal silver, for myself and my husband has been

      the relief from arthritis pain. My left knee is my worse knee. Both knees have 'chondramalacia patella'. I've been diagnosed with that since my mid 20's. I'm 54 at this time. My left knee is very unmanageable, without taking silver. It buckles - (I've just had an x-ray taken and have an appointment with an orthopaedic physician's assistant this week) 6/17/11. I'll look forward to what the 'doc' tells me. My friend is guessing as to which anti-inflammatory he'll try and put me on. I'm on silver, and that is all that I need. I've had the x-ray taken because..."

    • Page Two - Arthritis Pain

    • Viral infections "There are

      multiple viruses implicated in arthritis.

      There are some viruses that frequently cause arthritis (figure 4), such as rubella virus, human parvovirus B19, Hepatitis B virus, and others that less commonly affect the joints..."

    • Artherosclerosis

    • "...Standard cardiovascluar medicine has an answer at hand - usually, surgical procedures - to remove quickly obstructions - buildup of atherosclerotic plaque - from the diseased vessel walls and - "restore" impaired circulation. Unfortunately, all medical procedures carry with them the same main shortcoming: they do nothing to stop the underlying disease and its progression, so in time, new fatty narrowings or blockages occur in the arteries!..."

    • Page Two - Atherosclerosis - Natural Help

    • These environmental factors are of great importance for the general population. About 70% of strokes and 80% of heart attacks are potentially preventable by diet and lifestyle modifications, including nonsmoking, a healthy diet (low intakes of saturated and trans fat, low glycemic load, and adequate intakes of fruits and vegetables, cereal fiber, and unsaturated ..."

    • Atherosclerosis, Young People

    • ...don't give much thought to our arteries. That's especially true when we are young and think we can eat anything we want. But here's a news flash: plaque begins to build in your blood vessels during your teenage years. That means that most of us have a significant amount of plaque by the time we hit middle age..."

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The most common health diseases and conditions in the United States are reported on a yearly basis by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Almost all of these health conditions can be treated or reversed naturally and many can be prevented altogether, with the right foresight. Let's look at some examples. The CDC reports on health diseases and conditions that limit an individual's activities. Two of the most common causes of "activity limitation" among school age children are asthma and allergies. Both of these health conditions are abnormal immune system responses to substances that normally people can tolerate. Doctors most often prescribe steroids (cortisone, prednisone, etc.) to treat asthma. But, according to Dr. John Mills, chief of infectious diseases at San Francisco General Hospital, new research shows that steroids can do "permanent damage that is immediate and devastating". They actually do more damage to an immune system that is already functioning poorly. The bright side, in my opinion, is that alternative and complementary treatments can reduce or eliminate allergic reactions and asthma attacks entirely.