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Colloidal Silver, My Story
Colloidal Silver, Information

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Warts! - What To Do About?

"...Colloidal silver did it! It got rid of a planter's wart that I'd had for over 10 years. I'd tried everything - many home remedies, herbal preparations, essential oils, even went to the doc and said, "cut it off!!" and he wouldn't...instead sent me to the drugstore for the patches that don't work. I know because I applied them diligently for over a year and the dang wart actually spread out and got bigger! I started using the silver on it last fall 2-3x per week...I'd spray it on it, then I'd put some on the pad of a band aid and put that on it. I was skeptical but I kept it up and it worked. A planter's wart may not seem like a big deal but it's so nice to have it gone! 
...follow this text...

Drink 'lots' of water - 6 to 8 glasses of water per day!  ... to this page ...

Web Hosting Tips

"...  19 Important Features to Look for in a Web Host

Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers’ favorite posts from throughout the history of Nettuts+. This tutorial was first published in July, 2010.

If you’re reading this, you probably develop websites. We don’t make websites to let them sit on our own computers: we set them free on the web. While it’s often more fun to create the website than to worry about hosting it, web hosting isn’t a decision you should make lightly. In this roundup, I’ll point out 19 things you should look for when choosing your web host.

 " this text...

Website Building Advice - From A Webmaster

Website building is work... it is employment and it means work, work and more work. I'm tired at the moment, but I very much enjoy working in this industry. There is a lot to learn and I am enjoying the process. I don't believe I've ever worked as hard in my life. I've worked at many types of jobs in my lifetime; many jobs. This is the most rewarding to me. Actually as a secretary, many years ago, I typed papers for a research (polymer) scientist. I enjoyed typing those papers. On that job I learned the names and spelling of many chemicals and chemistry/physical science words... I believe that gave me an appreciation for chemistry, and some knowledge... which is part of what this website is about; the health topics, drug industry, alchemy (colloidal silver
). My boss back then told me, "one day you'll be writing these papers." I used to be able to catch some errors in the scientific papers that I typed. Something in the context didn't make sense; I'd question it, and there would be something wrong with the syntax of the chemical statement. When I was very young I read my mom's anatomy and physiology books, again; that may be part of the background that makes me, provides me, the interest I hold today in medicine and natural healing. I loved biology in high school...." this text...

Websites - Types Of

"...What is a Static or Dynamic website?

What is a Static or Dynamic website?

Static and Dynamic are terms that you will hear a lot, and are basically the two main approaches when building a website in County Mayo.

Static simply means that the information or 'code' that makes up the website doesn't change, and they can be built more cost-effectively than dynamic websites.

Static web sites are crafted to work more like a printed document and to be referred to on the web. You will find a lot of brochure sites are constructed this way, and it is not a bad thing as there is so much more that can be done with the design and optimisation that is sometimes just not possible with a dynamic website.

Dynamic means that the data or content can change 'dynamically'.

The content (text and images) is usually fed from a database or Content Management System (CMS) so when the data is updated, the content on the website are also updated. This method opens up a lot of options on the flexibility and functionality of your website.

Shopping carts and information sites work this way as their content changes frequently and needs to be constantly up to date. The additional functionality also creates a lot more variables to consider. These variables require extra work and make the design more expensive.

In my view, for a small or medium sized business in County Mayo, if you are not intending to update the information on your website more than three times a year, it is not really worth investing the extra money in making the website dynamic.  "...continue...

Website - Success Stories

I've realize that - mine is a 'Website Success Story.' It's been over one year since I started Your Health And Tech Friend. October had been one year. Within a short time, I was accepted by Google; (although to this very day I am not 'verified' by them - I was, for about two hot minutes; but lost that verified status.' Just can't figure that out. But my pages come up just fine in browsing.

The website building company I use is 350Pages - it is based in the United Kingdom. I took to it very quickly, and have found it to be very user friendly. I also find it very adaptable so I can format pages in many ways. If you look through some of my pages you can see all of the ways I've found to manipulate the paragraphs, the framed panels; etc.

Until very recently I've used their graphics; which I liked very much. Many are still on my pages, however I have brought in (uploaded) many of my own pictures and I'm enjoying incorporating them on my pages.

When I first began this website I searched for pages on the internet from people who could claim 'website success' and I came accross the article on this page from Gloria-Jean Browne. Her's is a very inspiring story. She is a successful entrepreneur with a very successful business as well as website. She has an inspiring story.

For me, Your Health And Tech Friend's success, by me, is measured in this way: I am within the pages of Google. This past February (under one year of publishing) I submitted to Google AdSense, to make the money; and... I was accepted! That made me extremely happy. I've been told that, accepted into Google AdSense essentially means that you don't violate any of Google AdSense policy's. But that was good enough for me. Then, the first - very first month, I earned money; and I have, each month since; this is just May, but the income has become more steady. So, I believe that I can officially claim to be a 'Website Success Story.'  ..."   ... read this text...

Website Building, What It Means To Me

Website Workstation

"My workstation has been set up to work on developing a website. This work, of course requires sitting for long periods of time. My husband converted this old Singer Sewing Machine (my grandmother's by the way) into a desktop. It seemed ideal; however it didn't quite work out that way..."

West Entrance - Your Health And Tech Friend

Correcting an over-acidic body means bringing the body pH into balance. Healing chronic illness takes place only when the blood returns to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. This is incredibly important to anyone fighting disease, overcoming illness or wanting to feel better. Simply put, your body pH affects everything......." this page...

"...She was infused with a cocktail of experimental herbs and B17, which is illegal in the United States.

"I realized, first of all, that it wasn't a spa," she said, as she watched a disheveled man examine her blood under a microscope.

Borden said she just wanted reassurance from Parker that this was the right decision. "I want you to tell me chemotherapy is the work of the corporate devil," she said.

"I was afraid of what she was doing," Parker said. "In the end, she did her own thing. I decided I can't continue this fight and kill the marriage or accept it and love the woman I am with."

Borden, too, had missed her husband in Mexico and realized she wanted to "feed our marriage love -- not anger and fear -- because every moment in precious."

Today, she is in remission and the couple has moved to Rhinebeck, N.Y., where Parker is finishing his residency and Borden is committed to becoming a farmer and ..."  ... to this article...

Why We Home School

" our experiences, people such as old friends, new neighbors, relatives, and even total strangers have asked this rather large and complicated question in a nonchalant and often cynical manner. I’m certain most homeschooling parents would agree that responding to the ?why? question is not something that can be accomplished succinctly or casually. After all, the question is big. Really BIG.

Unlike many homeschooling parents, however, I am also asked "why?" regularly by teachers, school administrators, university faculty members, and education graduate students. I represent one of those conflicted homeschooling parents whose professional experiences are rooted in public education..."   ... to this page...

Wireless Connection - Public Access

"...There's nothing more frustrating than sitting down to work with your laptop and finding you can't connect to the Internet in a location you know has a wireless router. Newer laptops with Windows 7 do a much better job finding and connecting to local networks than some older models, but in all cases, there are simple steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem. In The Laptop Repair Workbook, we offer a systematic approach to narrowing down the possibilities to save you time and money on needless repairs...." this page...

Wireless Network Security

"...Few years ago when Wireless LANs started to be used in the cooperate world, PC-Mag revealed a major security problem. Due to the novelty of the medium a lot of installation left open with the default setting and no security on. The "waves" raised by this article keep “wetting" us to date. The second part of this ordeal came with the revelation that even with the 128bits Encryption (WEP) On, it is possible to crack the security of the connection. The result is a lot of "Wireless Paranoia".

Let face it in the computer world nothing is “perfectly” secured. If you have something that is very desirable, and a "real pros" want it, no matter what you do they probably will find the way in.

Today's WPA and the newest WPA2 (WPA-AES) are much more secure and trouble free. Use

The security settings of the Wireless Client (a Wireless Computer) and the Wireless Source (a Wireless Cable/DSL Router, Access Point, or Public Hot Spot) must be perfectly matched otherwise you would not have a working Wireless connection...." ... to this page...

Windows Powershell

"...Windows PowerShell is a new Windows command-line shell designed especially for system administrators. The Windows PowerShell includes an interactive prompt and a scripting environment that can be used independently or in combination.

Unlike most shells, which accept and return text, Windows PowerShell is built on top of the .NET Framework common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework, and accepts and returns .NET Framework objects. This fundamental change in the environment brings entirely new tools and methods to the management and configuration of Windows.

Windows PowerShell introduces the concept of a cmdlet (pronounced "command-let"), a simple, single-function command-line tool built into the shell. You can use each cmdlet separately, but their power is realized when you use these simple tools in combination to perform complex tasks. Windows PowerShell includes more than one hundred basic core cmdlets, and you can write your own cmdlets and share them with other users.

Like many shells, Windows PowerShell gives you access to the file system on the computer. In addition, Windows PowerShell providers enable you to access other data stores, such as the registry and the digital signature certificate stores, as easily as you access the file system...." this page...

World Hunger Day - 28 May, 2013

..Our work in more than 20,000 villages across 11 countries of South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, reaches the lives of an estimated 35 million people, primarily through 375,000 trained volunteer leaders.

The Hunger Project is a registered charity in the UK...."   ... to this page...

Wireless Router - Firmware Update

Step-by-step how do I do a firmware update?

A: This describes step-by-step how to do a firmware update on a wired Linksys router. I recommend printing this off and using it as a checklist.

This includes some extra steps not in the Linksys instructions that will save you time, grief, and possibly your router.

These steps have been tested out on a BEFSR41. There will be some variations for other versions of wired router. (Readers can message me directly and I'll make note variations with other WIRED Linksys routers.)

1. Print-screen or write down all of your current router settings (from in your web browser go through all the tabs and buttons). While on the Status panel, note your current firmware version. (Id you have not changed your password from default and can't access, please see this FAQ: »Linksys FAQ »What's the default username and password?)...." this text...

Worship, Types Of ...

"...There are various kinds of worship - just check out what kind of worship you are indulging yourself.

.. to this article...

Website Building And Design "The Hub"...

...Before you submit to the search engines, Click here to make sure you are using the right keywords within your meta tags. Then make sure that you take advantage of our free META Tag Generator for best placement. Please do not submit your URL more than once a month. Multiple submissions of the same URL to some search engines could be considered spamming and therefore may ban you from being listed.

Webmaster Tasks

"..."There are many duties that go along with being a webmaster.  The primary one is to manage and maintain a website or a group of websites for the public.  These two jobs include:  administrating the website; making sure all the web servers, hardware and software are working properly; designing and developing the website; and marketing the website.  Also, in the case of community websites, where users can join and post comments and communicate with one another, the webmaster holds the right to oversee community member activities, to delete or edit or manipulate comments or content posted by users, and to exclude or allow any members of whom he approves..."   ...".. continue to this page....

Zeolite Powder

Alzheimers / Thyroid Connection

Brown Scapular

Colloidal Zinc, Copper, Gold

"...If you’re reading this, you probably develop websites. We don’t make websites to let them sit on our own computers: we set them free on the web. While it’s often more fun to create the website than to worry about hosting it, web hosting isn’t a decision you should make lightly. In this roundup, I’ll point out 19 things you should look for when choosing your web host..."  ...see this article below...

"... responding to the ?why? question is not something that can be accomplished succinctly or casually. After all, the question is big. Really BIG.

Unlike many homeschooling parents, however, I am also asked "why?" regularly by teachers, school administrators, university faculty members, and education graduate students. I represent one of those conflicted homeschooling parents whose professional experiences are rooted in public education..." ... see this article below...

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