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My name is Nancy K Gurish - Hi!   nancy k gurish editor your health and tech friend magazine
  Welcome to Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine!
My magazine came to life in October of 2010 - at that time I'd had about four years of experience
in using the product called colloidal silver. Other colloidal minerals had also come across my path in life.

I'd successfully avoided colds, cold sores.... urinary tract infections and the flu, for myself and my family. As this topic - health - and how I stay healthy; came up very frequently when talking with friends, even acquaintances,

I began to consider creating a web page for this information. Mainly so that I wouldn't have to repeat the same story,

time and again. Well, in about one month, maybe, of my first 'web page' this idea took on a life of it's own.

My - page - expanded rapidly, and suddenly I was covering topics such as a

disease called Morgellons Disease; which, I'd never heard of in my life.

And then, Lichen Sclerosus.
Within that first year I began to learn

some fascinating stuff. That is all I'll say right now about that.

I was receiving and building quite a large foundation for what was to come.

My only formal credential is that of a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist.

I hold an active license in the State of Ohio. But in my background I had a pretty extensive

interest in biology, and anatomy and physiology;

just through reading. However I am able to understand how some things work, in the body; and in time,

I came to understand somewhat about the role of minerals, nutrition and vitamins with regard to

health and allowing the body to heal on it's own. I don't know exactly why - or how this all happened, but along with health I have a great need and desire to grow spiritually, and I have been throughout this past year particularly.
From that growth has stemmed a deeper understanding of the current medical 'happenings' in our United States of America. I truly believe that I see 'the folly' in medicine. "Medicine" being the key word here; not healing, but medicine (drug therapy) and today, in my mind; I have come to see no difference between a street drug and a pharmaceutical drug. A drug is a drug - if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck; it probably is a duck, and that is the stance that I take today.

Cancer has taken many, many friends of mine through the years. So I have actually spent a good deal of time in the study of, what cancer is; and how the different treatments work - or rather, don't work. I've seen how many people really die of the 'cure.' I've read of what 'success' means to the medical / oncology world; it actually means 'living' - or, excuse me, 'existing for about 5 years. That is what is considered a successful cancer cure.
(And, somehow??? (they wonder...) it just seems to 'come back' and 'they don't know why?', but I digress...) And success, does not mean anyone is actually, living their life. Something very unusual kept popping up in my searches. (I search the internet for material and for different sources which give substantiation to other sources, which is how I choose the articles and the material that I present.) What happened was that I found out there were real cure(s), (plural) cures, for cancer a century ago.
It wasn't a mystery at all. And isn't a mystery. This, as I said, kept coming up. So, I'd look at it; copy a bit, take a bit of information and move on to another topic. But, as I went, I was learning it.

As we fast forward to June 2013 - I have a routine of testing my pH (saliva pH) and I found it to be at a low (acidic) level. This indicates disease.
So, I also found that I had a 'spot' dark black/purple on my side (underneath the side of my bra); so I search for that image, online; so see what this ugly growth is: and it appears on a medical site as being 'melanoma' a skin cancer. Darn! ... I'd known that this was a fear - in the back of my mind and now, I had it.
I acted pretty quickly and used some of the natural supplements I had at my disposal, on hand in my home. And then I said to myself, "I've got web pages on this." So, I began to look back at my cancer topic pages, and did get more information.

The melanoma experience began on June 10, 2013, it is now August 9, 2013
and - it was in a better place in about three or four weeks. I got my pH back up to 7.2... which is a pretty good place to be. Healthy. So, with that experience I learned more fully the importance of testing the body's pH. I saw, truly, that pH is life. In an alkaline state, you have health; in an acidic state you have disease.

Enough about me. Again,I'm not a doctor
and I have no medical training. Medicine and pharmaceuticals do not interest me
and I have no interest in the health care field.

Enjoy my magazine - and my You Tube Channel!-

and Thank you for stopping by! ~~~Nancy -

Please see my video, below on this page! Thank You!

At the filming of this video, I hadn't yet gotten the skin cancer; the video was a month before.
I am a different person today, I have more to offer. It is much different when you experience something first hand.
I'll be making a video on the melanoma shortly, and will post a web page on it too.

This video, immediately below, is a YouTube video - which is a good representation of what I experienced with my cancer spot.
Mine was 1/4 the size of the person's melanoma, in this video. But my black/purple spot, fell of, with the black salve
just as this one does in this video. Mine was gone, dried up in about one month;
(I'll post more accurate details on that soon; I kept a record of the process and progress), and healed within several weeks.
Just mild, a very mild trace of redness is still there. ~~~Nancy

The video just below is 'my video' - About Me - Your Health And Tech Friend - Nancy Koncilja Gurish



I've been using colloidal silver since 2006.

I found the first bottle at the General Nutrition Center (a local health food store), under the category of Bone and Joint Support. Online in 2006, I found the company Utopia Silver and purchased a 9 volt battery set-up. I used that until this last year, I then purchased, from Utopia Silver, an electric generator and have enjoyed the ease of making silver more efficiently and quickly. I've found through the years, occasion after occasion to explain to friends and family how silver works and the many things it works on. So much so, that I made a decision, finally, to create a website to tell my story - and that would be that.

So - this is it.

In 2006 I had a recollection from when I was 'table-high' about 4-5 years old, I was visiting at my best friend's house - in her basement.
I remembered the sight of (an 80 + year old man) her Italian descent Grandfather, reaching in his pocket,pulling out a coin and flipping... ... read more ...


Sincerely, Nancy K Gurish

An Internet Magazine -- About Me... Welcome!


Most important!

This editor is not a health care practitioner, or provider. I am not affiliated with the Health Care industry. I have no education in medicine. My opinions - are kept to a minimum, and they are only my opinions.  My  experiences will be shared here.  They are only my experiences.  Much information is taken from the internet.  All sources will be accessible to you by clicking on buttons and arrows. All of this information is to be taken as you would take any information from the internet. All sources are revealed outright. Some sources are professi\nal, some will be information shared by laymen like myself. If you have a medical condition you must see a health care provider. None of this information taken from any of the pages of my website should replace seeing a health care provider. The health care practitioners, your doctors, are your FIRST line of defense and help. Your doctors opinion is your most valuable word. Do not use any of the information included in this site without seeing your health care provider/doctor first. Listen to the words of your doctor/and that of the health care system. Your complete health history and your individual health overall is /or should be the concern and knowledge of your health care provider. It is imperative that if you have a medical condition you see your doctor immediately! Do not take any of the information in these pages as rule - ask your doctor or health care provider first. They know you and your complete condition. That is important!

The Editor of Your Health and Tech Friend

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Please see my instructional video - 'Testing Your Saliva pH'


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