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Welcome to Your Health And Tech FriendMagazine! Let me introduce myself to you: my name is Nancy Koncilja Gurish and I'm the editor of this magazine. An internet magazine. I'm having a lot of fun with this journey I'm on. I'm learning as I go, and I'll share what I learn with you and your family. I've got a You Tube Channel also.

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are on many, many subjects that I believe are of interest and, or importance to most people. Topics range from natural healing; prevention of disease; spirituality; emotional health... and much more. I'm glad you found your way to my 'Front Page'! ~~~Nancy!

My life is "Lunatic Crazy" working in this 'website business' - Maybe you'll relate to my feelings in this video! Multi-tasking has become the norm for many people and I surely am one of them! ~~~Nancy

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Note From The Editor - Nancy Koncilja Gurish

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quality of the food supply is very poor

, being grown in depleted soil, transported long distances, stored, processed, and packaged. There is very little nutrition left in such food. Yet high

quality nutrients are required by the body to keep it free of cancer.

Food is a lot more than just calories. It is the bedrock of the body's defence, so only the highest quality,

most nutrient packed food should be eaten. High quality food is not about what tastes the best,

but what

will make you feel the best.

It is up to us to be as proactive as we can when dealing with what life has offered if we hope to retain our health..."; ... continue to this page ...

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