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Introduction - Video Interim Report

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- Introduction - Video Interim Report -

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Below is a video of an Interim Report from Me To You!


your health in your own hands

isn't for the weak of heart.

It also doesn't come overnight - at least not for me.

My years have been spent in many doctor's offices. In my life I have looked to the medical community for answers to any and every disorder that came to me. It has taken a long time but, I finally learned that, there aren't any real answers for most medical concerns, or ... blood level imbalances, to be found in the traditional medical community. Doctors (the medical community) are trained to dispense medicine, to treat imbalances and symptoms, or to perform surgery. But finally in my life, I began to find that there really are answers - solid answers as to why a blood level might be out of balance - for example cholesterol. And, it has been a process, to get away from

my knee-jerk reaction of jumping on the phone to make an appointment with a medical doctor:

it has been a growing and learning experience to get to a point where I ask myself to look for an answer. It has been a process of

growing toward looking to myself, and not to a stranger

- to find solutions, that work! And I'm doing that.

Currently, it is September 14, 2013 and I am more comfortable about symptoms that might arise today in my life: I'm not as fearful as I have been in the past year. This past year is when some real symptoms have come my way and I had to face them. I've experienced a small amount of 'flight or fight' reaction and I found myself


- and I am so glad that I have.

This past June I found a spot on my skin that surely resembled what is called 'melanoma' in the medical world. By the way, I am a cosmetologist, I'm not related to the medical / health industry in any way. So, on that note, if you have a medical condition, you should see a medical provider. As I was saying, I had what looked to be a melanoma, and that is a deadly thing. It can 'escalate' quickly, so, I needed to take fast and hopefully, effective measures. I prayed, that is one of my strengths, and one of my tools in life. I looked to 'friends' on the internet - and I used the knowledge I had gained in the past couple of years. It took maybe three to four weeks, and I got that 'symptom' to reverse. My results were confirmed by testing my pH balance (the saliva pH.) That was my 'guage' for health. What I speak to is, reversing 'symptoms' that can be diagnosed as disease, I don't speak to reversing disease. What I've come to find is that if you - get rid of the symptoms, you just might find there is no disease, because -

there was no disease in the first place: only symptom(s).

And, in getting rid of that symptom, you are no doubt 'cured' of whatever might have been diagnosed, if you'd gone to a medical practitioner. So, I deal with the symptoms. And it's going pretty well.


my website I have the intention

of sharing the information that I have: The experience that I have with that information, and the hope that I gain (more every day). That is what I have to share. My personal intention is to not get involved with the medical community. In my lifetime, I have seen so many 'cases' of things 'gone wrong.' Just plain wrong.

Simple health problems - turned into situations where a ventilator is needed.

I've seen persons who, should have been able to be allowed to go, to go to their right reward: should have been allowed to be let go of, to die: I've seen them put on life support and live that way for a couple of years. My heart has been broken seeing family members that have had to stand by helpless, at the hands of the medical system and watch a loved one be kept alive, by a machine. And then - be forced to decide to pull the plug and let their family member die. I've seen that a few too many times. And I've seen a woman live for two years on a ventilator: a heart too strong to give up. She was at the complete mercy of whatever they wanted to do to her, and whenever they decided to do it. She had procedures performed, while on life support. Totally for the money.

Greed is behind the whole industry

and no one can deny that any more.

What I see of the medical system is that it is similar to the welfare system: once you step a foot inside, it may not be easy to 'step out.' And, I don't wish to be a part of that. Just not getting one foot in: by way of - not taking that first pill - that is the way I see 'freedom' from that medical maze that is waiting for any of us who, just follow the path of the pharmaceutical or surgical route. I won't say never, I have learned that in life: but it certainly is my aim to avoid that.

Medicine has come to a completely insane place in our world. That is the only thing that sells, sickness sells. And, to me, the craziest thing about all of this is that - it seems most people have come to regard illness and doctor's visits and hospitals, and... whatever - people have come to a place where they see this as


. Young persons with autoimmune disorders... constantly on the rise. Insanity, plain insanity.

Most people today are aware also that our food is not what it used to be. But, in my world, in my experience - people are denying that this is a problem, that it is the problem. I feel it is denial - a feeling that 'what can I do about it anyway?' But the food, that is the cause of the illnesses - it's been the cause for a very long time. We just don't like facing it. I've read that people in China - who have adopted an 'American' - Western diet - are inheriting our health disorders. Places where they had never really experienced heart conditions are having them. Cancer, of course, is on the rise. It is all the non-food, that we eat. But we just turn our heads. I did, for quite a long time. But not today. Today I know that to be healthy, there has to be nutrition - so I use supplements. And there another problem lies: not all vitamins are made the same, some are incomplete and some are synthetic. So, people take them, nothing happens

and they say 'vitamins don't work.'

I've read that places like - (I've seen this) the Cleveland Clinic Hospital System has initiated a 'holistic services approach.' But, what I've found is that, the truth is such that, the vitamins they will use will be synthesized - not plant based supplements and then, when this 'answer' is offered to the public, they will find it doesn't work - because the vitamins aren't real: and then the public will say, 'see, vitamins don't work.' As I write today, all I can do is shake my head in sadness. It is so very unreal.

A relative of mine recently talked about how - our generation is only removed twice from people who

grew all of their own vegetables

, my grandparents did, and my parents did for quite awhile: and now,

we buy food

and it isn't real food! It's not complete and it doesn't have mineral content.

Another idea that I have to put across is the spiritual angle of my life. My spiritual life has been really enlivened in the past two years. I have grown so much along spiritual lines. Today I say a rosary at least every day, sometimes I've prayed a rosary twice a day. And, to me, I know we are only two generations from people who had an active prayerful trust in God. A statement I've heard quite often is "my Grandmother prayed the rosary, but I don't." How I feel about that is as if they may as well be saying,

"my Grandmother brushed her teeth, but I don't."

That is how important I know prayer to be. It has been an active part of my life for 24 years, just more so in the past two to three years. Today I really know what prayer can and will do for a person. I'm very grateful that I have found my way to it. But, the only reason I came to it was through weakness, through defeat. I am an alcoholic in recovery, who happened to get sober 24 years ago: through a program where 'dependence on a Higher Power' is encouraged. Otherwise, I'd be floundering around in the murk like everyone else. Prayer is the only way this natural health program was able to come to me, I know this. God is doing something for me that I could not do for myself. And, He is showing me the way to take care of my health.

God put us on the planet and He put everything here for us to use to take care of ourselves.

It's just, getting away from it, we have lost touch with the source. I'm so very glad that I am back on track. That I have 'found the track'to total health!

Well, enough from me. I sincerely hope that I can help someone with my work. Whether through health - healing, or prevention, or through spirituality, I hope my work will help someone. I'll continue to pray that this will be the case. Thank you for visiting my site!

Nancy Koncilja Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend

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