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Oral And Topical Use, From A Glass Bottle!

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How I Have Used Bentonite Clay! ~~~Nancy
This is not health information!

~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi! everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

This is a brief account of my use of Bentonite Clay!

On this page is a picture of the bottle of
Bentonite Clay that a friend loaned to me.

She gave it to me to try.
I wanted to share this information
in case anyone wanted to know the brand
that I have used!*
Note it's in a glass bottle - that is
the requirement for all of my liquids now.

Clays and oils will be altered if they
are in plastic - they will draw material
out of the plastic. I had to become
convinced of that - and I did!

My DMSO smelled and tasted badly when I
used one that was in a plastic bottle.
Glass costs a bit more but it's
the only way to go!

*I've used this product orally and topically.
Lot of experience w/it topically - limited with oral use.
It seems to me that I'd dilute it well - if I took it to drink.
I'd use a distilled or well filtered water. ~~~Nancy

It seems to be a good product and brand.
I'll give you a link to a source for this
below on this page.

Here is a link to my page on Bentonite Clay and
a video (you might like this video!) that I made for it~ ~~~Nancy

... to the page ...

Sonne's Organic Foods - Sonne's No. 7 Detoxification, 32 fl oz liquid

Peace Buttercups! ~~~Nancy

P.S. This isn't health advice! It's just what I do!

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purchases anything through a link on my page I will receive
a small commission! So, if you purchase through
my pages - thank you! It helps me to stay on YouTube!

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Apricot Oil

page next! ~~~Nancy]

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