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"Well, I've just been issued my third (3rd) check from Google AdSense.

Google and Google AdSense have both been very good to me, as a website publisher. I've been earning AdSense since February 2012 - I wrote below, on this page, how very grateful I am to be working for myself. It is one year later, and I am still so very grateful.." ... to follow this article ...

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"In a sense, one of the chief virtues of a good programmer is laziness. That's because laziness leads to smarter approaches to programming that don't require so much work. The programmer strives for simplicity, ..." ... to this page ...

And we have made of ourselves living cesspools, and driven doctors to invent names for our diseases. Plato

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Colloidal Silver Information

"If you want more people to visit

your website, you need to know how to make your website search engine friendly, and then submit your URL to all the major search engines. This site is devoted to teaching you how to do it yourself, cheaply, effectively, and with a minimum of hassle."
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This morning I picked up my Verizon "jetpack - 4G LTE" and within the 'Mobile Network' menu I saw "Network Verizon Signal: - 103 dBm", and ... "Preferred Network - Automatic", and the term "EVDO only", under the heading "Preferred Network". My curiosity was sparked and I said to myself, "What does EVDO stand for and, what does it mean?"... to this page ...

...What we can say is that

When it comes to an online business, a website is a must.

This can spell the difference between success and failure online. And a functional and helpful website tends to separate the top on-line business from the fledgling one. The website serves like a store or an office. This is where most of the transactions to sell and promote products and services are made. The site also serves as the 'face' of the business on-line. There are different types of websites available that can serve the needs of a successful online business. But before you set up your own site for your own online business, make sure that you learn first the different options available. Once you have selected the site that's best fit for your business, you will be faced with easier steps since there are different tutorials on how to keep up a site. And it comes cheap at less than $300 to start a basic website.

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The major part of all dangerous parasites, especially browser hijackers, trojans, spyware and adware threats modify the Windows registry. Parasites add various registry entries, create new keys, change default values. This is made in attempt to register a pest in the system, alter essential settings of the Windows operating system and installed software. Most of such changes are made for malicious purpose. On our site you can find parasite registry entries that need to be manually removed. However, editing the registry is a difficult task that only advanced users and professionals can accomplish safely. Most anti-spyware programs will remove ... ... to this page ...

... "...I've gathered what I think are the biggest web design mistakes committed during the period 1995 to 2015. Yes, it is a little facetious to say these mistakes will be made in the year 2015, but it's human nature to repeat your mistakes over and over..." ... to this article ...

The Robots.txt File Is Used To...

The robots.txt file is used to instruct search engine robots about what pages on your website should be crawled and consequently indexed. Most websites have files and folders that are not relevant for search engines (like images or admin files) therefore creating a robots.txt file can actually improve your website indexation. A robots.txt is a simple text file that can be created with Notepad. If you are using WordPress a sample robots.txt file would be:

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Bentonite Clay

Colloidal Silver

"Link exchanges were very popular some years ago
. In fact they represented one of the main methods webmasters used to improve their search rankings. Then one day Google's algorithm became more sophisticated, and link exchanges stopped working so well. On some cases it even harmed the sites involved. This change gave link exchanges a bad reputation, and today most bloggers and website owners ..." ... Please click on the heading to this page ...

If you're reading this, you probably develop websites.

We don't make websites to let them sit on our own computers: we set them free on the web. While it's often more fun to create the website than to worry about hosting it, web hosting isn't a decision you should make lightly. In this round-up, I'll point out 19 things you should look for when choosing your web host.

Page Length/Size

Determining the proper page length is basically formatting content to best serve your user's needs. You must consider how much content you can fit on each screen, what type of content you are presenting, your audience's download speeds, and how users use your documents. The following guidelines will help you determine the proper length for each Web page.

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Custom Search

Building A Website

...If website building were easy and quick, everyone would be doing it; and doing it successfully. It is work, and it takes the

dedication and commitment that one would give to a 'regular' job. This is because it can very well be a regular job

with regular pay. That is one of the rewards of website building, regular pay; it has many other rewards for me. Working at home is only one of the major benefits. But, working for myself is something I've wanted for a long time, and didn't realize it. There was a longing for a 'skill' of some sort, which would provide income. But I never imagined that it could be in the form of ...self employment. I never imagined that. Something else about my website, for me, is... the writing that I do within my pages, isn't to a great extent yet. But one of my original dreams in life; i.e., as a kid, was to be a writer. Writing came easy to me. I was a very well-read kid. Throughout my life to date, however, I lost the ability to read, for several reasons..."
"... So, real grammar isn't my forte - but I had an acquired ability. Also, thoughts and ideas flowed easily from my mind to the paper. That talent has gone, with regard to displaying proper, and intelligent sounding prose. But,

I believe that with this practice...

Cancer Answers | Diatomaceous Earth | Ormus - Make It

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How I make colloidal silver. Your Health And Tech Friend

Nystagmus Link to Scoliosis

"...Many people prefer to get their domain and hosting from separate companies, This is not abnormal at all. Um, you should always know what your domain is! More importantly, your domain and hosting accounts even if they are different companies should be registered in YOUR name not your web master or consultant's name.." more... (click to follow this article)

Pediatric Cancer New England J of Medicine

Crohn's Disease ...knock down offending bacteria...

Mammogram Machine Safety

Gallery Slideshow To Your Website

Apple Cidar Vinegar

The website building company I use is 350Pages - it is based in the United Kingdom. I took to it very quickly, and have found it to be very user friendly. I also find it very adaptable so I can format pages in many ways. If you look through some of my pages you can see all of the ways I've found to manipulate the paragraphs, the framed panels; etc.

Workstations for Website Building

The large - single monitor (screen) replaced the double monitor set up. The larger screen allows me to have several windows open at the same time... which is very convenient. And I have several notepads open for handy notes, html templates... google adsense code... other code. All available, at my fingertips. Although I tend to get sloppy and have a messful of a virtual desktop! I'd rather have the mess on the screen, than on my physical desktop. this page ...

How To Begin A Healthier Lifestyle

Step 1
Analyze what you need to change. Make a

detailed list. If you're overweight, note how

many pounds you need to lose and whether

you are a couch potato. If you use tobacco, list

what and how much. If you want to eat better,

analyze what you need to change about your

diet. If you use recreational drugs or abuse

alcohol, list what and how often.

Why Men Pull Away 10 Ugly Mistakes Women

Make That Ruins Any Chances Of A

Relationship Catch Him And Keep Him com
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Step 2
Educate yourself. For example, alcohol and

many drugs require medically supervised

detoxification and follow-up, according to the

Ohio State University Medical Center. Learn

what community and medical resources are

available. If you want to eat better, learn about

nutrition through books, the Internet..." ... to this page ... 

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Colloidal Silver, Information

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"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
-- Thomas Jefferson

Disease Is Reversible

"Doctors give drugs of which they know little, into bodies, of which they know less, for Diseases of which they know nothing at all." Voltaire

What Is Nattokinase?

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