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When in love, your brain tends to focus affection towards a single person.

No, this is not a cheesy discourse into the complexities of heartbreak. What I want to touch upon today is the science of love, that is, if science can say anything about this unique feeling of elation that often makes reasonable people do unreasonable (good and bad) things.

There have been several studies of what goes on in the brain when someone is in love. A well-known one was performed by Helen Fisher — an anthropologist from Rutgers University, and collaborators in 2002-3. She has written many books and articles on the subject. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging machines (fMRIs) they analyzed more than 3,000 brain scans from 18 recently smitten college students. The images map blood flow in the brain. The idea is that whenever a certain part of the brain is active — the local neurons are buzzing — the flow of blood there is enhanced to supply oxygen. So, more blood means more action. Coupling this information with the specific details of where the action is happening, neuroscientists can actually pinpoint the most important chemicals being sprinkled during the activity spikes. In other words, the maps won’t tell you exactly what chemical is related to what feeling, but they can tell you what chemicals participate as the brain feels love.

The results were remarkable. As Fisher ...

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Healing Foods 

"... Foods that relieve inflammation.


What Are They?

Before I received all of this wonderful knowledge about anti-inflammatory foods, my life was full of unexplained aches, pain, and weight gain.

I came to know that I was deficient in foods that provided fiber and omega-3 essential fatty acids. They boost the function of our immune system. Therefore I was always in a state of low grade inflammation.

The foods that will appear on this list are what I call whole foods.

Whole foods are a factory of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and phytochemicals.

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" change your style just by changing the words you use to explain events? That's where Seligman's theory takes the biggest leap, and where other psychologists take issue with him. According to Suzanne Ouellette Kobasa, a psychology professor in the Graduate School at City University of New York, whose studies on executive stress have been widely cited: "I don't think it's easy for someone to make a complete personality change. A basic shift has to occur first. You can't 'reprogram' a person unless he wants it."
Indeed, says Seligman, it's far better for managers to hire optimists for positions with a risk of high rejection, such as sales. They tend to perform better. Seligman discovered they outsold pessimists by 37 percent in their first two years. For Richard Calogero, a management consultant at Met Life, the greatest benefit of optimism is its infectiousness..."

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I find that my days go very much more smoothly if I take a little time out each day for quiet time. Prayer in the morning.... during the day if needed, or where needed. Also some time to relax my mind; clear my mind and allow new thoughts to come in. Or to let my ideas re-form or take new shape. It helps me greatly.  Your Health And Tech Friend

Why should we develop our spirituality?

Spirituality can offer many benefits to your life, both emotionally and physically. Developing your spiritual life can give you a sense of purpose and help you figure out where you are most passionate in your professional, social, and personal life. Some studies show that positive beliefs can comfort you and improve your health. People who have taken time to develop their spiritual life are also likely to better understand their needs.

Ideas for evoking a spiritual experience..."

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