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Lichen Sclerosus

MMS Methods For Teeth and Gums

Music and Our Health

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Cancer Topics

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Making Money on Your Website

"... I'm using Google AdSense - learning what I can there. These are articles regarding other ways to monetize your website. I'm looking to learn all that I can. I hope these sites will help you. The Editor; Your Health And Tech Friend  ...."  
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Mammogram Machine Safety

But mammograms are only as effective as their tools: results can be skewed if the machines don't meet federal guidelines.

How do you know if your mammography machine meets stringent federal Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) criteria? And how can you be sure the machine has passed its latest inspection?.."

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Early and Late Stages - Images

"...main risk factors for developing the most common type of melanoma (superficial spreading melanoma) include:


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MMS - Bathing In...

Your Health And Tech Friend has come to the decision to leave Miracle Mineral Supplement to the experts. If you have questions or need information about MMS - please visit the official website....

Note:  Update... I'll be updating the page on MMS and bathing in ... very shortly.  Please stop back.  Thank you. this text...

MMS - Cancer Videos

"... Your Health And Tech Friend has decided to leave the topic of Miracle Mineral Supplement up to the experts... Please visit the official site for all the information you need!    "...continue...  Please note:  I will be updating this page as soon as possible.  Please stop back.  Your Health And Tech Friend  August, 2012

MMS - How To Prepare

MMS And Teeth And Gum

Hello! First off, you should be of legal age to be on this page as well as any 'alternative type' of supplement(s). If you are not; please leave, and talk with a responsible adult.

Please note: The words on this page as well as other pages on Your Health And Tech Friend are not intended as medical advice.

If you have a medical condition, you should see a medical doctor.

Please see our disclaimer page.

Hello there! This is a picture of my own bottles of Miracle Mineral Supplement. Also, a picture of the type of cup I use to prepare my MMS. My intention is to give my tips on what I have found to be important in the preparation of MMS.

Your Health And Tech Friend

Please see:

MMS Page One

MMS Pancreatic Cancer

and MMS for Oral Care

Your Health And Tech Friend

Disclaimer Page - Please read...

A bottle of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and a bottle of Citric Acid (prepared) read this text..

MMS - Methods for Teeth, Gums

"... This is the nice healthy gum tissue which has repaired itself by brushing with MMS. Please check into the Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Supplement Website to find details about using MMS for mouth, teeth and gums. I did and I received great results!

Your Health And Tech Friend

P.S. How I lost the back tooth there... is in the paragraphs below!
   ..."  read this article...

MMS - Page One

"...  My husband and I smoked cigarettes for about 15-20 years. I believe we each have
lung damage from smokingeven if we have stopped smoking, that the damage is there. It is my uneducated opinion that we have the makings/or setting or beginnings of emphasyma. Actually I feel that as smokers we have COPD potential. It is my own belief that MMS can destroy bacteria - and together with eating healthy foods, and taking mineral supplements
, I believe we can help our lung tissue to heal. and repair
..." ...finish this text below...
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Morgellons Disease

".....There is no cause; however, there is prevention and relief to be had. If our internal terrain is failing, lacking: minerals, vitamins, amino acids, PH, healthy gut flora, and oxygen and if we are not staying hydrated, eating nutritiously and strengthening positive emotions we then become prime target for disease. Of course, there is some catalyst, or vector probably a fungal element from GMO pharming or something, but it will not take hold in those with a strong terrain and we can all strengthen our terrain and become at least "symptom free", I hesitate to use the word cured." this page....

Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo - Two

Mr. Magoo - Three

Mr. Magoo - Four 

My Day Today

"...My Day Today" may be the day you are visiting here. Either way
I hope that my experiences will be able to help you.

God Bless. Your Health And Tech Friend

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Music And Our Health


Music is the most potent of all normally encountered vibrational influences. When music is playing, it is only possible to move in relation to that music. One either consciously or unconsciously moves with it or against it. Also, its expressive qualities actively influence one's emotional state.

When listening to a recording that has a diffused, unfocused sound quality and erratic irregularities of rhythm, one's body will exhibit those characteristics in its own internal rhythm and will continue to vibrate in that erratic manner even after the performance is over. Voluntary movements will also reflect the erratic rhythms in their speed, jerkiness, imprecision, etc. However, with a performance of finest vibrational quality, the internal rhythms of the body will take on the finer harmony and smoothness both in the vibrating of each separate organ and in the synchronization of the organs to each other. Voluntary movements will also be smoother and more flowing. Such a finely-vibrating state will be accompanied by a distinct feeling of well-being while the more erratic physical state will be accompanied by one of the myriad variations of irritability, unease, and nervousness, both conscious and unconscious.

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Morgellons Prevention this text...

About The Editor

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MMS - Page Two

"... Your Health And Tech Friend has limited experience with Miracle Mineral Solution, unlike our experience with
colloidal silver and other colloidal and angstrom sized minerals
We've gotten good results but our experience is short and limited in nature. We have two pages of information, MMS and
Pancreatic Cancer
, and
MMS general information.

.. Outside of that - please seek information on the internet. There is much to be found and gleaned from other websites on this topic. I'm going to keep this page open for information we will have in the future as we continue our research and investigation into the use of Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution. So please check back now and then    
...."  ...continue to this text...

MMS - Cancer Help

MMS -(chlorine dioxide)
- a miracle supplement and inexpensive DIY treatment for malaria, cancer,
Aids and many other diseases?

"Chlorine dioxide has been proven to be cidal to almost all known infectious agents
in vitro using remarkably low concentrations. This includes parasites,
fungi, bacteria & viruses."
from The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, Pt. 2, by Jim V. Humble

To introduce you to MMS and its possible benefits to cancer and other patients, here is an excerpt from the book “The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century”, Part 2, 2nd Edition, by Jim V. Humble. To understand what MMS is and how it seems to work, you can download the extensive first part of Jim Humble's book for free at

“Cancer, including leukemia: The theory here is the same. Chlorine dioxide gives the immune system almost perfect ammunition to attack cancer cells. We believe the theory has proven true as many people with cancer have told us that the cancer went away or reduced greatly after taking the MMS. However, there is not yet enough research in this area. Still, it’s a lot better than standard medical treatment. People have often told us, and we have noticed, that skin cancer usually dries up and drops off within one week of taking 15 drops of MMS twice a day. We do not claim that the MMS causes the effect, but we did observe the effect. Some cancers are harder to treat than others and in the case where the cancer does not start to disappear within about two weeks of starting to take 15 drops twice a day one should also get some Indian Herb from a lady in Oklahoma*. this text...

Meridian System

"... ...Most allergic skin problems are related with liver and lung function. The physician should also consider infectious foci such as teeth. When dental amalgam overload (mercury toxicity) is present, the Lung meridian responds with energy deficiency. Energy deficiency in Lu / Li / TW, eventually in combination with weak Ki readings, often is a sign of dental fillings with mercury toxicity. Frequently Lu or LI show a blockage when provocation tests are carried out. (see flow chart Dr. Doepp).

Hypofunction of the Lu relates to pain in the wrists, elbows and shoulders, as well as in the back and in the thorax. Lu 9 is the master point for illnesses of the vascular system, i.e. arteriosclerosis.

Standard substances for testing with the Biograph
Ermsech Kps allergies, immune weakness

Measuring point Lu 11

The Lung meridian is the meridian of the humility

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Algae filled ohio canal...
Alternative Energy Healing - Vibrational

Blood Brain Barrier, Cell Phone Use

Daily Recovery Readings

Monitors on my workstation

...I'm using Google AdSense - learning what I can there. These are articles regarding other ways to monetize your website. I'm looking to learn all that I can. I hope these sites will help you. The Editor; Your Health And Tech Friend ...".. see below, or click to this page....