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Lake Shore Coffee House

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Lake Shore Coffee House
22032 S. Lake Shore Blvd.
Euclid, Ohio 44123
(216) 970 - 5527

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On my way to the library today I made a quick - not too quick stop at the Lake Shore Coffee House, on Lake Shore Blvd. in Euclid, Ohio. I stayed for a bit and had a conversation with the owner / 'counter guy', Greg Lawrence. There was a lot going on inside, when I went in - a group of people who meet there regularly were just finishing up getting their coffees and sitting down for their visit. It is a nice place. I've been to this coffee shop many times in about the past 20 years, (Greg has been the owner for 21 years): I told him of how I used to bring my daughter in there when she was little; I have very good memories of those days. There were always books for kids, there still is! I had a lot of time, and a little one to spend my day times with. We visited the coffee house on a regular basis. We could keep ourselves, entertained - not always easy with a small one: but we had an easy time of it there. It is now about 19 years later and, I had no doubt that I'd get a great cup of coffee there, and a smile from someone, and I did. I'm sipping my coffee now as I sit at the library with my constant companion; my laptop.

In these times of uncertainty, and of 'bad things' always seeming to occur in our world... in our neighborhoods, cities - it is nice, and comforting, to have a place like this coffee shop to stop in at. A place where you know you will feel at home, which I do. The coffee shop has been in my life - as I said, for many years, and as my schedule has changed once again, I'll be stopping in there more frequently. Greg is a friendly man - he has a good personality for the job of running a coffee house.

Glad that I stopped in there today! ~~~Nancy Your Health And Tech Friend

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  • Winter hours update:
  • Monday-Saturday: 6am to 7pm
  • Sunday: 8am to 5pm
  • Stay warm!
  • Stop in for some chili, soup or a hot drink to heat you up!

Been there ! Good coffee ! The best coffee ! Muffins are excellent ! Relaxing atmosphere , friendly staff and customers . No smoking becasue of the state law , so even more relaxing ! i am a regular customer ! Definitely recommend !

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