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YouTube Video Technology, Oh Wow!


Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

The YouTube industry sure is a phenomena!

And it requires a lot of work to sustain a channel!

A YouTube business is comprised of so many
different types of technology! I've been involved
in YouTube since December 17th of 2012 this month
is the beginning of my 6th year on YouTube! It has
been quite a journey! Quite a long and winding
and ardous journey! An uphill battle!

YouTube as a business is not for the faint
of heart!
... continue below ...

I'm surviving here in business on
on the internet! I've been building this
my website since October of 2010. This is
my 7th year in my online business!
A lot of prayer has gone into these pages!

In fact my business is built on prayer!

God has been and is very good to me! Without
the sustaining power of Jesus in my life, I wouldn't
have come as far as I have. ~`

God has not let me down and it is my belief
that he will continue to sustain me!

Thank You Dear God!

~~~Nancy ~`

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Learning how to operate and build
a business model for a website
or blog, or video channel takes time and
it takes a lot of study!
A Business Model! ~`

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The YouTube Industry is Blowing Up! ~`
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Amish buggy black carriage with black beautiful horses pulling it down the road on a sunny day. Blue sky.

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Peace Buttercups!
And others!

Or my Buttercup Community! ~:)