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I hope you will find hope among other things
at my magazine!
~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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My wedding was an event of the year for some!!

Long awaited, by me at least!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Buttercups! I



This entire section of the magazine is
devoted to weddings! Everything about a
wedding fascinates me! The lace, the
the dress and veil! (see mine below!) The flowers!!! To the linen
table cloths! The ribbons and bows on the pews
in the aisles of the church! Love the glitz
and glam!

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My wedding was one of those weddings of the year,
for some. For one thing, I got married when I was 37,
and I had a whole lot of friends and family that had
gotten married way before me! It was a long
awaited event! For me too! Ha ha! It was a beautiful
day! A really, hot day in August of 1993! I'll put a
picture here on this page; (see below) and I'll write more
about weddings and share more about my wedding!

I actually taught myself to write in calligraphy because

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[Note! Plan and practice your hairstyle!]


Image by ~~~Nancy

Me and Al dancing

A Wedding Invitation I made out!

It was real ink and I used a crow-quill pen!

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I made my wedding invitations! I was a crazy person
when it came to my wedding! I truly enjoyed it!

This past August Al and I celebrated our 24th Anniversary!

Marriage is not easy, but it can be so good!

Actually, I have a video about marriage too. I'll share
that here, it's at my channel if you want to see it
on YouTube!
P.S. I made a veil and a satin hat for my wedding too!
My dress came from either a Sears or Penny's outlet store!
It was just what I wanted! I made the veil!

Image by ~~~Nancy

Me and Al dancing

Our First Dance!

~~~Nancy and Al (My handsome husband!)

I was a younger Buttercup!, Buttercups!!!

Here's one of my videos!

How God works in my life! ~~~Nancy

It was a beautiful day Buttercups! The memories are wonderful too!

Peace Buttercups!

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