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My 20th Season On YouTube! ~~~Nancy

What I've Learned!

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Season Twenty! What I've Learned

Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

On this page are the *22 videos which comprise

my 20th Season on YouTube!
I'm looking at what I had learned in this season!

One of my most popular videos
came about in this season!
That is my 'Cracked Tooth Healing ...' video!
It is still very popular today!

Still loving YouTube even after a few years!
P.S. Another popular video of mine also came in

this series - that would be 'Copper For Sagging Breasts!'

It really worked that way! Go figure!


*I've got to find the other two! Woops!

1) About Me - My First Job, Just One Of The Stories

... see this on YouTube!

2) Panic Attacks And Anxiety Gone After 44 Years, My Story

... see this on YouTube!

3) Fun Friday #75 Captain Hook Grabs Him! A Bald Smokie!

... see this on YouTube!
4) Copper For 'Sagging Breasts'? Does It Work?

... see this on YouTube! ` 1,469 views
5) Fun Friday #76 A Cucumber In A Pickle? An 88 Year Old Johnny Joke!

... see this on YouTube!
6) Stay In The Positive About Home School Don't Absorb The Negative!

... see this on YouTube!

7) Colloidal (Ionic Copper - Making It - Benefits I've Received, Uses

... see this on YouTube! ` 9,809 views

8) Fun Friday #77 Lots Of 'Extra's' At The End! Jokes And A Short Quote

... see this on YouTube!

9) Colloidal Silver Our Secret Exposed And Caught In A Lie

... see this on YouTube!

10) DMSO In A Glass Bottle, No Odor At All! Good Product

... see this on YouTube!

11) Fun Friday #78 Jokes - A Poem By A Dog, Funny Quote!

... see this on YouTube!

12) Copper Deficiency, Degenerative Disc Disease

... see this on YouTube!
13) High Blood Pressure Cholesterol, Diatomaceous Earth

... see this on YouTube! ` 3,103 views

14) Fun Friday #79! Hello! Jokes And A Good Quote!

... see this on YouTube!

15) Stop The Aging, Replace The Hormones With Oil Supplements

... see this on YouTube!

16) Iodine, Thyroid Coarse Hair, Eyes And Eyebrows And Cancer

... see this on YouTube!

17) L-Arginine For Clean Carotid Arteries! A Good Find For My Health

... see this on YouTube!

18) Cavity Healed Cracked Tooth Grew In, My Experience

... see this on YouTube!

19) Fun Friday #81 Great Start For Your Weekend! Jokes! Some New Material!

... see this on YouTube!

20) I Love Making YouTube Videos! My Viewers Are Great!

... see this on YouTube!

Hi there! During the past six years my lifestyle has changed quite a bit. It used to be that I was quite an active person. My main choice in exercise was walking - but I'd pretty much left this behind in these past years. So - I've initiated a Walking Campaign with my friends at my YouTube channel! I'd like you to join in also! It's been invigorating.
Please join us! Get fresh air and get healthy! ~~~Nancy

To My Vitamin Listing!
My use and experience! ~~~Nancy