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I've Cut The Cord!

My Verizon Mi-Fi 4G LTE Jetpack

My house is 'un-plugged - I've 'cut the cord' and gone wireless! We are using a small device called a Mi-Fi Jetpack in our home, which enables devices in the house - and on the go - to get connected to the internet..." (See this below...)

I love my Verizon Mi-Fi 4G LTE Jetpack! My house is 'un-plugged - I've 'cut the cord' and gone wireless. We are using a small device called a Jetpack in our home, which enables devices in the house - and on the go - to get connected to the internet. It is portable, and will work wherever a cell phone tower will pick up a signal.

On coming home from the Verizon store I unpackaged my Jetpack - opened up my laptop and connected to the internet. The Jetpack's identification showed up on the Network - just as a router would. It was very simple, nothing complicated. Even one of my desktop computers was very simple to connect to the internet: this was a Windows Vista Operating System; on a small Emachine desktop. A little bit of 'connecting' in the Network and Systems section and very soon I was connected.

After about a week in to using the Jetpack on these devices I decided to attempt another desktop in our home, a Gateway, Windows XP OS. This desktop wouldn't connect wirelessly. This personal computer did not have a 'wireless network card' - or, capability. So... I was faced with a challenge. Would I be able to really have my entire house on wireless? So I looked in to this. I spoke with a friend who said there was a USB adapter to enable a desktop to go wireless, so I thought, well maybe that would do it. Soon I went to my favorite toy store, the MircoCenter and asked for such an item. Yes, it existed - a Netgear USB Wireless-N Adapter, for not too much money either. So I picked one up and went home.

Several days later when I had the time I tried it; it was not very difficult to accomplish. The NetGear device came with two CD's. One CD installed the software for the device, the second CD was specifically for Windows XP and Vista Operating Systems. And 'voila' - I was wireless on my old favorite desktop computer. Needless to say, today I am very happy and living completely without those blue Ethernet cables running throughout my home.

The Jetpack 4GLTE charges just like a cell phone. Mine is charging as I write... I am very happy with it. I am also happy to be rid of my router and the cable company's modem (with it's monthly fee). I turned the modem in to the cable company when I got the Mi-Fi. And I unplugged the router. It was a very good router - a Netgear. The Netgear made my last 'wired' days a bit easier. Other routers that I had would cut out easily when the wind blew. And then, they would need to be reset. Not the Netgear - the Netgear would come back up - everything in good order. So, I'll look to see if a friend or family member needs a new router and I'll pass on my Netgear router. If you are still on 'wire' I recommend a Netgear router. If you are seeking to 'cut the cord' - I recommend a MiFi 4G LTE. And if you are getting a Mi-Fi, I do recommend the Verizon!

Well, enough from me. Goodbye for now. I'm riding off in to the sunset on my wireless way!

Your Health And Tech Friend - ~~~Nancy

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