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For some years I neglected my teeth! Ignored cavities!!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Teeth And Gums!

Throughout my younger years (20's 30's) many people
told me that I had nice teeth. I was blessed with
healthy, strong and pretty straight teeth.
This is in spite of being a thumb-sucker for
a whole lot of years!. *Up thrugh my 6th year about!

In my mid 30's I had bad lifestyle habits going on!
It was in my mid to later 20's that I began to neglect
my teeth. I made dental appointments and didn't keep them.
So I let cavities go and didn't follow up with them.
Actually I didn't get that many cavities. But my teeth
and gums were neglected. At the age of 34 I did begin
to go to regular cleaning appointments and dental

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... continue ...

If you know me from YouTube
then you are
aware that today I care for my teeth myself!

This became a challenge or necessity when one of
my teeth cracked about 3 years ago! Then it was a
real new ballpark! I took the challenge and
I'm reaping the rewards! I've got an update on that
cracked tooth coming out today at my channel!
(see link below)

I'll post the video on a web page soon and connect
you to it!

Meanwhile, you can see this video at my YouTube Channel!

Or see my Teeth & Gums Supplements list!

Cracked Tooth Update Video!

I've got experience today with teeth and gums that
I'll be sharing with you in this section of

Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine!

*I have an overbite! From thumb sucking? Maybe? ~(go)

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