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Sources for the Devotional Doorway Department

We can prepare for the sacraments of communion, confirmation and marriage! And also for the last sacrament! The Last Rights or Anointing of the Sick!

~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
This page has a dual purpose! It serves as the Sources and References page for my Devotional Doorway Department! see below!
However, while surveying my sources I found a video and a book that I want to share with you!

The book is called The Art of Dying Well, and in fact there is an entire enterprise by this name! ~`by St. Mary's University!


"The Catholic Church has 2,000 years' worth of experience of helping people to die in peace!
There is a treasury of resources and reflections on death, dying and eternity - that the Bishops of England and Wales would like to open up to everyone."

The Art of Dying Well


As I get older, and have seen some friends and relatives pass on, I have given much more thought to my own death!
In the next week or so, I will be posting my thoughts and my feelings about the sacrament of Confession! In more recent years they have called this the Sacarement of Penance and Reconciliation! ~from Catholics Come Home

As a Catholic I have an understanding of the sacraments of the Catholic church.
There are seven sacraments in the Catholic faith.

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Anointing of the sick is a sacrament that is administered to bring spiritual and even physical strength during illness - and especially near the time of death.

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Following is a partial listing of some of the sources that I've used to obtain information for the articles I have posted in this department of Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine

There are very many sections in my magazine as well!

I hope you will find some help and inspiration here, from my experiences in natural healing, spiritual health and more!

~~~Nancy Gurish

P.S. For my own sound spiritual health, I pray a Rosary ~` every day!
Praying a rosary give me peace, and wisdom through the Holy spirit!

On another note!
What I'm writing about here is that if a person has light urine flow, or trouble emptying their bladder, they really ought to do something other than get a prescription from a doctor for it.
My thoughts are that there is something going wrong with a person if that happens ... ... to this page ...