my story of the minerals and my use of zinc, silver, copper and gold

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Colloidal Silver, Gold, Copper And Zinc - My Story!

Your Health And Tech Friend

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"The minerals zinc, silver, copper and gold have all been part of my medicine chest since 2006, it is now February 26, 2014..." (see this below...)

Donations to The Cleveland Courage Fund for Gina, Michelle and Amanda of Cleveland Ohio. Please help them to recover, with prayers, and donations if you are able. Thank you. Nancy

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Colloidal Silver, My Story
Colloidal Silver, Information

The minerals zinc, silver, copper and gold have all been part of my medicine chest since 2006, it is now February 26, 2014.

My name is Nancy Koncilja Gurish and this page that your are reading is - one page within magazine which is titled, Your Health And Tech Friend. My magazine began in 2010 when, because of Colloidal Silver, I started what I had believed would be a web page; maybe two pages, that would describe my use and the benefits of the product Colloidal Silver. That was all I had intended. Today, February 24, 2014 I have five (5) magazines; in different stages of development - all published and on the internet. So... where did that memory take me... ohhh, on a journey that is just indescribable. I am 'living the dream' --- working very hard, and always wanting my published work to be, more, more, more... and to come - quicker! But, man this is a dream come true.

There is a section within my magazine called "Meant To Be". It describes my experience of what I was always meant to be - after living so long doing other things. In my young years I had wanted to be a journalist: I called it a 'writer' back then. I wrote some short stories and poems. Writing was fun for me and it seemed to come pretty easily, but that part of me got squished out by so many other things. Alcoholism was just one of those things. Alcohol abuse will rob a person of their dreams, their hopes, jobs and everything else. Because of the grace of God - as I see it; I was given a couple of more lives. One of them is just the life of sobriety, I get to draw a sober breath a, day at a time. Another of my lives is my marriage, and chid. Wow... these are big gifts from my God. Now, it is 2014 and those gifts just keep on coming.

I believe fully and have great confidence in the healing and helping power of these and other minerals and in vitamins from plant sources. My body is an example of the gifts of the minerals which God put on this earth - for us. He put them on this earth to, nourish us; and to heal us. God knew when he made man, what it would take to sustain man. Minerals. They are the foundation of health.

It is my hope that many will find here what they are seeking. Maybe relief from the wounds of life; arthritis; fibromylgia; chrons disease. Maybe spiritual help, emotional health - I am sharing everything that I've experienced in life; and things that I escaped experiencing; and maybe some things - that are good, and I will yet experience them.

God bless you and your family and loved ones, Sincerely,
Nancy Koncilja Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
- Thomas Edison

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How I make colloidal silver... this picture shows how the 0.9999% silver rods collect pieces of silver, while it is processing.
Your Health And Tech Friend

Dementia PageStopping the metals themselves from oxidizing would be a great relief, and you can do so by taking some good doses of your oil vitamins, and all your super antioxidant minerals. For example,

Zinc is a major player in the super antioxidant mineral world, and Selenium is another major player. An ounce a day of Zinc, over and above the Complete Body Balance Kit which you should be taking

every single day and an ounce of Selenium a day for a while would be beneficial. But on top of that, some good doses of your oil vitamins is needed. I would go for 20 or even 30,000 IUs a day of Vitamin A from fish liver oil.

Vitamin C

is also a major super antioxidant, 3000 mg a day, ..."

Panoramic View of Trava, Slovenia: Taken by Tomaz Zagar

Bravo! Google For Webmasters

This past weekend I was fortunate, very fortunate to be in attendance at the 2013 World Convention of the organization of Overeators Anonymous!.