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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Cancer ~ Prevention ~ Alternative Support!

Salts! Salts! Salts!

Hi there! What I'm looking for in this section of
Your Health And Tech Friend Magzine ~ is to learn about
the full impact and idea of how salts were used
for medicine way back in the day! Way back!

And then to learn how we can use them today in the day
for our health! I know of two salts that are very important
to me in my life and how they work! I'll share
what I know, and look to continue learning more!

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One form of salt that I use daily is epsom salt! For me
I use epsom salt for it's magnesium. It's an easy way
for me to get a small amount of magnesium each day! Also
I now take a 400mg supplement in gel cap form! It's
one salt I can't do without!

See this video here or at my YouTube channel!

Epsom Salts, My Irregular Heart Beat!

Remember! This isn't health info or advice! It's just what I do
and I share my experience with you! ~~~Nancy

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This is a brand of magnesium that I like ~

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium

Glycinate Lysinate, Non-GMO Vegan 200mg the supplement ...

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The Healing Properties of Salt!

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"The trace minerals in sea salt help to soothe and heal skin that is inflamed, broken out in a rash, itching or even oozing, according to herbalist and nutritionist Stephanie Tourles. Add sea salt to bathwater to reduce discomfort and speed the healing of skin lesions caused by acne, eczema, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and psoriasis. ..."

Another article!
Granny Was Right We All Need A Dose Of Epsom Salt!
"Costing a fraction of the price of designer potions - you can pick up a tub for £1.25 at your local chemist - they’re being hailed as a miracle fix for everything from greasy hair to a bloated stomach and lacklustre skin. "
The salts' healing properties were discovered in the early 17th century when a farmer living near Epsom, Surrey, discovered a spring rich in magnesium sulphate. "
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