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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
Video Publisher Troubleshooting Help!
Amazon Prime Video Help Closed Captions File Format
I'm publishing my videos to Amazon Prime
Video as well as to my YouTube Channel(s): ~`
I just uploaded my first video and had
trouble uploading the Closed Captions.
I chose to transfer them from my Amazon S3
storage bucket account.
It loaded fine but would not tranfer through.
The file appeard in the transfer box
window but would not cause the submit
or set button to highlight.

My answer was in changing the file type.
See this below, but there is more help

for closed captions in the video below~

See it below here or at YouTube! ~`

... more below ...

This video is a series of video help
just for closed captions!

The captions file was set to .txt. After a search
I saved the captions to a .xml file.

It worked!

The next obstacle was in figuring out
the FPS (frames per second). I had typed the
captions myself, so I didn't know what it would be.
You can't leave this field empty so, I randomly
chose 30fps. I had looked online and found a
post that used this number. If it causes a problem
I'll make a web page for it!

I'm very happy about the Amazon Prime Video
opportunity! They have a partner program
just as there is on YouTube! So happy for this!

See you on Prime, ~` or on my YouTube channel!

... more below ...

... more ...

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