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YouTube is a huge grouping of technologies!

I've been working on YouTube since December of 2013!
It's a journey and a roller-coaster ride! Oh boy!
When I was growing up there was no video taking
going on! We had black and white photos in the
1960's! For uploading video to YouTube I had to
learn to edit my videos and learn how to
use a laptop's webcam and then I bought
myself a Canon Camera with Video features! ~`

My editing suites have changed. This last time
that I upgraded I changed to Corel Video Suite Pro!
I was hardly a pro yet, in editing skills!
But I was able to learn to use Corel Video Editor without a huge
investment in time. That was very important to me!

YouTube is hard work and when a creator gets going
we need a good editing suite to go with us!

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The Corel company also has Photo editors!
I'll put some links below in case you
are interested in photo or video editing!

New! Corel Photo Video Bundle

Corel Video Studio Pro X10

Here is the camera that I use!
Canon Power Shot SX420 Digital Camera

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On Another Note!

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