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How Long Do You Keep Black Salve On Your Skin?

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
How long do you leave Black Salve on the skin?

This is a question that I see frequently at my
YouTube channel, ~` regarding Black Salve! (Cansema) ~`

My answer is below!

That's a great question! I've got a huge amount of videos
if you wish to look at them. ~`Playlist!

However, the longer you leave it in place,
without disturbing it, the better!
You use good band aids, and change them when needed,
I changed mine each day after a shower.

... more below ...

Re-cover it and leave it.
The longer you leave the (eschar) 'goopy stuff' in place
the better.

See my videos below or at my YouTube Channel! ~`

You let the 'eschar' ~` fall off on it's own.
Don't disturb it if you can help it!
If you knock it off accidently, it is okay.
The black salve will continue to work as it
sits on the skin.

[Please note that only treating cancer
on the top of the skin isn't good enough!
See: Biggest Mistake Treating Cancer ~`]

I also took minerals and supplements to
treat my body from the inside!
The immune system needs to be helped by
proper nutrition and supplementation!

... more below ...

Note: I believe that detoxing is important as well!

Remember! This is Not health or medical advice! ~`
Please note: I am a cosmetologist ~` who is
interested in staying healthy through natural means!

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It can take up to 24 hours to react. If it reacts on
the skin tag or mole, than the mole or tag or spot,
was cancerous. Black salve doesn't work on
non-cancerous material.
If it brushes off, than there were no cancer cells to
'eat up'.

That's my experience. If you get a reaction and want to
re-apply it, you can do so.
But give it time to react.

And - most important! Use very, very little until you get the hang of how it works. A very small amount, like a 'dot' of it, works very well if there is cancer present.

You will wish to make certain it is the true and
proper black salve.

(I have put an article below, that speaks to controversy
and negative opinions about black salve!)

I only buy mine from one particular company.
I am not affiliated with them and do not work for them.
Their website is below. They are nice people who will
answer questions on the phone if you call them!

P.S. Black Salve is also known as Cansema and as
Indian Herb see below!

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Indian Herb! From: Lifeline Water

... more below ...

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on Another Note!
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