My Desktop And Laptop Don't Have DVD Players!
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This is an external and portable DVD Player!
So that I can watch my Columbo DVD's! They are so good!
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This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube

I've been watching my Columbo epsisodes at lunch
lunch time! I've rented Seasons 1 and 2 ~` from my library!
They are in a DVD form and I don't have a DVD Player!
There is an external device that will play DVD's. ~`

This small player comes with a USB cord that attaches
to my laptop by a USB cord!

There is a long blue cord which plugs into my t.v. and
into my laptop to project the movies onto the t.v. screen!
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This is very easy to do!

The original reason that I bought this is that one of
our home desktops didn't have a DVD drawer option.
It was an older Vista Operating System. ~`

This device was already in the house when I wanted it for
my Columbo episodes! I really enjoy watching the oldd


P.S. There is protection for mobile phones ~` just as
there is for home computers!
Many people do their banking online and on their phones!

Avira Internet Security Suite! 3 Users!

Here's the DVD player that I have!
LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Ultra Slim Portable
DVD Rewriter, External Drive with M DI SC Support

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P.S. I like HP Laptops! They are my pick! ~~~Nancy

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