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In our world today we store everything on our equipment!
In our personal lives and our business lives!

Hey there Buttercups! ~`!


This happened for me already two times!

Losing data on an external hard drive!!!

Since 2010 I have been working online - building a website
and creating and uploading videos to YouTube as well!
Because of this I have a real need for reliable
methods of backing up my data - videos and web pages!

One day I opened up one of my hard drives and
to my horror it didn't work! It just didn't open up!

Nothing happened! I used all of my skills too figure that thing out!

I'd become pretty good at troubleshooting my difficulties!
But not this time! It was gone!

So - off to the MicroCenter store! And - $$$ later I came
home with a new external hard drive with my data on it!
I had to pay for data retrieval and a new hard drive!

[Down below I have a source of course!.]

From then on, I knew that data isn't guaranteed
secure when stored on devices~ I began to take my data
back up more seriously. Today I believe in having at
least two

hard drive back up

locations and one or

cloud locations.

My cloud is Amazon with their S3

create a bucket option! That is the system I choose
and they have several systems to choose from.

Amazon Drive is one!

My hard drive devices are always Seagate! That is what
I've used from the beginning! Seagate has been good to me!

A device which is plugged in to my laptop at the moment is
called the Seagate Expansion Card. And I like it! It's small!
It's portable!

So with this page, I'm sharing that
I support Seagate as my source for external hard drive memory
as well as for Amazon Driveback up storage!
Peace Buttercups!

Just below is one that I like, 2 T Seagate Backup Plus Slim!

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, Silver (STDR2000101)

P.S. I like HP Laptops! They are my pick! ~~~Nancy

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