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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

I've used MMS topically as well as by drinking it!
If there is a supplement out there, I have probably used it!

I'm planning a video in the future - but I'll write about it
here as well! What I can share about using MMS on skin is
that what I feel is best is to mix MMS and then
using a paper towel or soft cloth, dampen the cloth and
dab it onto the skin. Don't rub, just dab it. And repeat daily.

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Another thing would be the length of time it is held to
the skin. A matter of minutes is what I feel is best.
I have made the mistake of leaving it against my skin for
too long of a time!
It will burn the skin if it is held there too long!
I've used it for a growth on my dog's skin as
well as for that growth that was on my side!

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It took care of that growth, but it also did a job on
on my skin! I left it on my skin overnight, held there by a
gauze bandage that was taped onto my skin!
I've put a video below from my skin cancer journey!
I treated this growth with black salve and with MMS.
See the video here or on my YouTube channel! ~`

This black salve journey began in February of 2014. It is now
January of 2018 and I have finished treating this spot, and I am
feeling well!

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Using MMS For Skin! ~`

"MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement is very beneficial when used on the skin. Even on gentle babies skin. It destroys almost every kind of skin disorder known, from burns to severe rashes and wounds of all kinds to heal often in less that 1/2 the ordinary time. One product, so many great uses. Use MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement for healing sores, burns, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, ringworm, acne, rashes, staph infections, athletes feet, and a hundred other problems of the skin.~`

" My sister-in-law, who is knowledgeable in the medical field said it was cellulitus and I should see a doctor immediately because it is very serious. I started the 1000 protocol (it took 3 days to get to the 3 drop per 4 oz. level). The itchiness was terrible so I tried the mms bath protocol at a little higher dosage of 3/4 tsp per bath and removed the itchiness completely for 6-8 hours at a time and I took one 20-30 minute very warm bath per day. In one week I was healed. "
Fact: Skin problems ~ MMS Facts! ~`
Source: MMS Testimonials!

MMS For Pets and Animals! ~`

A Product for you to see!

Miracle Mineral Solution W/Dropper

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