How long does MMS Un-Activated Last?

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Activated Or Un-Activated MMS In The Frige?

" ... activated MMS may last as long as soda pop does in the frige."

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This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

A viewer at my channel today asked me about the shelf-life
of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).
She also asked me about the product CDS.
MMS and CDS are similar products, they have different
delivery routes.
CDS is prepared MMS.
You may or may not be familiar with the
Miracle Mineral Solution products.
I will put a video below, that explains
both the mixing and the uses of MMS.

As for the shelf life?
MMS is deliverd to us in two bottles!
One of the bottles is the solution sodium chlorite,
and the other bottle is the acid.

Two different acids can be used, citric acid or hydrochloric acid!

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The acid gets mixed by drops into the solution
and in a matter of minutes, the solution
becomes activated MMS.

This is termed the activation process.

I found MMS in ~2004 and have been using it since.

It has been possibly 4-6 months since I've taken it.
And the last time I did, my bottles (which were stored,
in the frige) had become rancid.

There isn't an experitaiton date on the bottles
from what I recall.

Each of the liquids becomes old in their own way.

The sodium chlorite becomes weak and tastes bland.
The citric acid gets sour just as lemon
juice would.

The juice of a lemon can be used in place of
citric acid.
There is another activator that I haven't used yet.
This would be hydrochloric acid. It seems to be the
preferred solution today.

Hydrochloric acid (HCL) is better tolerated by our
systems, as it is the acid which is present in our stomach!
I don't know a shelf life for HCL!

Both of these liquids will stay fresh in the

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refrigerator. And each will become stale
after a couple of months.
I might liken them to the shelf life
of a soda beverage. Actually
longer, because soda is activated!
Carbonation activates the sweetened liquid
or syrup
which is the base for soda.

This may be the perfect analogy!
MMS sodium chlorite solution may stay as
fresh as long as soda pop syrup w/o carbonation!

Activated MMS will stay fresh in the refrigerator
possibly the same length of time as a soda does
after it is opened; two to three days time.

[You can make a large batch and store it!]

I've used CDS which I believe is pre-activated
MMS. It seems convenient but it costs more per
volume. Some may wish to buy it this way!

By the way, if MMS is old, it should not
be used! I have and it isn't safe!
Sometimes it will be flat and
sometimes it can smoke!

Serously, I've had it smoke after it was
mixed and activated!
This is a sure sign to throw it away!
Here's the video! You can see it here
or on ~` YouTube!

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Products you will need!!

Miracle Mineral Solution!
This is a good one: it has each bottle with droppers!
Jim Humble's Book!

The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century

On another note:
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P.S. I'm a cosmetologist who is interested in staying healthy through natural means! This isn't health advice! And I am not recommending the product MMS. I use it and share my experience!

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