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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
I've battled wi-fi connections when
sitting in coffee houses and Mcdonald's restaurants.
Just a minute ago I needed to adjust the brightness
settings on my laptop's desktop in an effort
to defeat the sunlight streaming in through the
window in this Mcdonalds that I sit in!

I have struggled with filled-memory on my
laptops and desktop computers!

I have fought against the time constraints as a
working mom and wife in an effort to do my
job! I have defended my work, without the ability
to back it up with monetary reward!

There had been problems to deal with in working
with out of the country website building
companies! My domain name was held hostage ~`
in the United Kingdom!

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And in the midst of this I had been teaching myself
to code in scripting languages in order to own
fully own my work!

Then came in the video channel! And that
is a Horse of another Color!
Making videos editing them, uploading
them to YouTube is a science ~` in itself!

And when you work online, there is no one to ask
for help! You are on your own!

Running A Business, Not Just A Website!

See this here or on my YouTube channel! ~`

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Being in business for myself is wonderful and is the most
challenging thing ~` I've done, outside of childbirth! Now that is a true horse of another color!

But I digress! I call myself a Website Operator
and now, a video-ographer! Who knew!???

My background is in office work! Secretarial stuff! ~`

But I've always enjoyed writing and now I have that

Peace Buttercups!

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