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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Initially I had set my htaccess file up to load separately
for it's mobile files (a subdomain). Over time, I had
forgotten that I did this!
I was new at website coding and wasn't sure of myself!

Two file managers can be maintained one for mobile and onefor desktop users. But this wasn't what I wanted to do!

After some time I had gotten better at coding and design and
more fully understood what I was doing. I found that my
web pages were responsive, but they refused to
load to mobile devices!

It was a mystery for some time! Didn't make sense!

Eventually I found this mobile directive in my Cname and I
realized that this was blocking my site from loading to mobile!
I removed this load mobile site command, and my site loaded

... more below ...

to mobile! This directive or command was in my htaccess file!
It was a condition that stipulated that if a mobile site was
requested by a browser, then the mobile files subdomain should load!

Some website operators have created an entire second file of
mobile ready pages a subdomain, but I hadn't done that.

Removing that from my htaccess was the final step in sucess in getting
my site ~` mobile as well as responsive!
Designing and operating my website has been a process of both
learning and implementing so many different systems!

By the way - when I removed the command from the htaccss file
(for some reason) I had 3 htaccess files in different
locations in my Cpanel file manager (at Godaddy) ~`
The file duplicated or copied and I had to remove
the statement from each instance of htaccess!

... continue below ...

Below is my video which speaks to this situation!
My Website Won't Load To Mobile, But Is Responsive! ~`

See it here or at my YouTube Channel! ~`

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