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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
One of my`pet peeves' when I'm searching
the web is low page speed! When it quite
some time for a page to load in entirity!

As a website operator which I call myself,
I have had to learn a whole lot of stuff!

Getting my ~`website mobile ready was the
biggest hurddle that I had to cross!

But everything I do with my web pages can affect
my page speed. And!

Page speed affects my ranking on the internet!
Page rank is important in building your business.

Part of any business on the internet involves
having a working and well designed website!

Two parts of web design that I have had to work
steady on are 1) mobile rediness and 2) page speed!

Google has a tool to test your page speed and it works
to tell you how it loads to may devices!

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It is called ~`PageSpeed Insights
and I just tested one one of my pages!
For mobile devices I received a Good response,
with a Mobile Optimization grade of 81/100! I'm so pleased
with this! It took a lot of work!

Whoa! I just spotted my desktop load time!

It ranks at 67/100! Not as good on desktop - but i'll take it!

Google has a lot of help for website operators like me!
Sometimes I help out on their forums! ~`

There is other information on their PageSpeed Insights.
This developer tool provides PageStats and Optimization Suggestions!
This is a part of their Developer's tools and information
to help website developers! ~`

There are ways to increase your page speed!
Compressing your images is one of them! I do that
in my Godaddy File Magnager, they have that option.

Another way to do this is to reduce the size of the images.
Reducing the size of your CSS and Java scripts is
yet one more step in increasing your page speed! ~`

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On another note!
"Internet work entails long hours of sitting. Video editing and website building is a job where you sit long hours. Alternating chairs is something that I do. I maintain two separate desks, one for video editing and the other for everything else. In the future I will bring in a standing desk."
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