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How To Get More Traffic To My Site?

I don't try and boost my site traffic through the offers that come into my email!

There are businesses who offer to do this for a charge! They guarantee to get traffic to your site and boost your rankings, etc. The same with YouTube channels and blogs!

I never look to this as an avenue for increasing traffic to my site!
See my video below about my business!
Please note! You can now find my videos at SubscribeStar!

My reason for this is that I want my traffic to be organic and I want to be found through search!

I'm not fully knowledgeable of the terminology for Search Engine Optimization but I know that organic traffic is one of the goals to shoot for in growing your traffic.

And you want to be found through search!

See: Getting Listed and Ranked In Google, Yahoo, Bing ~`
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This is important because then the traffic that is there, will want to be there!
And no doubt they will return!
And they may share your site with their friends!

Here is one tip from a site called 'MOZ', f.k.a. SEO Moz. This is the tip that has helped me out the most!
"Bonus #22 - Be Consistent and Don't Give Up"
"If there's one piece of advice I wish I could
share with every blogger, it's this ...

This is my video about my website business and how I got it off the ground!

In my time online in business, this has been key!

One thing that I have done is, I haven't given up!
And 2, I have been growing in consistency!

There is a link below to the site MOZ the people who
can help you to increase traffic to your website or blog!

Getting good traffic, the old-fashioned way
is no doubt the best way to go!

For me it is!

One of the things I'll do to boost this page is
is to post an article below that relates to this
topic! And then, connect with that site,
and with the author of the article!

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The next thing I will do is to post a comment to spotlight
or boost that person's work and if they are,
so inclined, in time, they may connect with me and
and my work!
And if not, at least I may have a new friend line!

This is my two cents on this topic!

Electric Street Railway System

Just below here I've got a special offer for you Buttercups! It is from the company called PureFormulas. One that I trust!

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This is a company that I trust Buttercups!

Rand Fishkin ~` on Twitter! He's got 403K followers at this time!
Here is an article written by Rand; my future friend! Rand!
21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2014) ~`

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On another note!
"Internet work entails long hours of sitting. Video editing and website building is a job where you sit long hours. Alternating chairs is something that I do. I maintain two separate desks, one for video editing and the other for everything else. In the future I will bring in a standing desk."
Read more: ~` ~~~Nancy

P.S. I'm an Affiliate for some companies, so if you purchase
something through my site, or videos, I will receive a small
commission. It helps me to keep making videos and articles!
So, thank you! ~~~Nancy