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The Benefits of Spirulina Supplements!

Spirulina is a complete protein!

Can Spirulina Help With Cholesterol?

Spirulina is said to positively impact many of the factors that contribute to raising the 'good cholesterol' and to decreasing the 'bad' cholesterol!

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Does It Have Anti-Cancer Properties?

This means that it has the right nutrients to protect the heart! It is seen to be beneficial in prevention and help for Type II diabetes; as well as having anti-cancer benefits!

I believe that the anti-cancer nutrients in Spirulina is what makes it a favorite of mine! ~`

Minerals are the key to prevention as well as the key to the treatment of cancer! That is what makes it a favorite nutrient for me!

Spirulina contains 21% of the RDA of Copper and 11% of the RDA of Iron! Copper is an anti-viral and anti-fungal mineral!

What Vitamins Are In It?

This supplement contains a healthy amount of the B Vitamins!

Vitamins B1 thiamine and B2 riboflavin, as well as some of B3, niacin.

It is difficult to find a good source of the B vitamins!

Other minerals found in this supplement are calcium, chloride, chromium and, again - copper!

Spirulina is a complete protein which means that it includes all of the essential amino acids.

The high protein content makes it easy for people who want, or who need to follow a high protein diet!

The vitamins in this microscopic blue-green algae supplement also include, Vitmain A, the B complex, Vitamins, C, D, E and K! ~`

Other minerals that we receive are, iodine, a 'super' anti-cancer mineral, manganese, for the brain, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium one of my favs, selenium anti-cancer, sodium and zinc anti-cancer.

A warning that I've found for Spirulina is that it contains the amino-acid 'phenylananine', which cannot be metabolized in persons with a metabolic disorder known as phenylketonuria.

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The Phytonutrients!
Spirulina phytonutrients are extremely beneficial to the human body as it can increase the immune system of the body. ~`