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Healing Benefits of Castor OIl!

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
Castor Oil For Detox And Beauty!

When using castor oil it is important that you purchase an organic one and only one bottled in a glass bottle!
And hexane-free too!

Castor has been used for centuries for constipation ~`
however it has been used to kill many types of bacteria as well!

It has antibacterial properties! Anti-viral and anti-fungal!

Castor can be used topically to treat shingles!

It is used to draw toxins out of the body!

A castor oil pack can detox our internal organs!
The Castor Pack was brought to us by the Sleeping Prophet,
Edgar Cayce! ~`

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Castor Oil Cold Pressed Organic! Hexane Free
Castor Oil, For Eyelashes, Eybrows w/Brushes
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"Castor Oil was recommended by Edgar Cayce for treating many ailments that resist traditional therapies. It can be applied as a balm for skin problems, a soothing tonic for alleviating allergies, and as a "castor oil pack." Known to conventional medicine only as a strong laxative, this extract of the castor bean is a safe, gentle, easy-to-use remedy for virtually any illness-when it is used externally." ~`read more

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Remember! This is Not health or medical advice! ~`
Please note: I am a cosmetologist ~` who is
interested in staying healthy through natural means!