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Fat-Soluble Vitamins! What We Need To Know?

Nancy K Gurish

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Fat soluble vitamins are different from water
soluble vitamins! They are absorbed in the fat cells
of the body! So they need to be taken with food!

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Fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the body's cells and
are not excreted as easily as water-soluble vitamins!

My favorite fat-soluble vitamin is Vitamin A!

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I take Apple Pectin any time of day, starting with one per day, then two per day at meals. But it can be taken without food. Vitamin D3 is an oil vitamin, so it needs to be taken with food. ~~~Nancy

How I Raise My HDL~ ~~~Nancy!

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The pectin in apples can lower cholesterol as well as slow down the progression of clogging in the arteries."
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