How Many Apricot Kernels To Take!
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How Many Apricot Kernels To Take?
For many years now I have taken apricot kernels! I've used them for the B17 that is inside of every kernel!

Nuts and seeds need to be soaked in order to help them to release the enzymes that they have.
Mold grows readily on nuts and seeds, as well, and soaking them is a way to get the mold off!

At this time in my life, I take some Apricot kernels occasionally, and when I do, I take 6 of them at one time. Chewing them carefully as stated in my video (see the video!).
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The kernels have been soaked, as I explain in my video. Most often what I've seen is that people will take

6 kernels, two times or three times

per day. It is good to look for many people's input and
experience and then make a schedule for yourself, that

fits into your lifestyle and feels good to you!

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