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Collagen for the gut! and fiber! My New Food Choices!

Nancy K Gurish

Hi! This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Hi Buttercups!

If you know the difference between a sweet potato and a yam,

your a better man than I am!

In the kitchen right now, I have burgers frying in a pan, salad in
a strainer and sweet potatoes cooking in water.

At least I think they are sweet potatoes!

Just lately I've had to make a lot of changes in my food choices! I have not
been happy about this! But when your digestion is affected
then it calls for change. I've needed to put some more fiber into my food!
I've chosen apples and sweet potatoes for this purpose!
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I've been cutting up some apple pieces small pieces and and putting
them into my salads! I think they'd be good chopped along with
nuts and put into mashed sweet potatoes!

I've got some pistacio nuts in the kitchen too right now!

Oooo! I almost forgot!

I also am using hydrolyzed collagen!

A fantastic supplement!

I have the powdered form! I'm sprinkling it onto my salads! The green leafy
type of salad! It doesn't taste like anything and it

does so much for us!

It actually will

repair the gut!

Everyone's gut is damaged these days by our diets, the type of food
available etc.


Here's the collagen I use!

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate Beef, Kosher!

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A quick note!

I take Apple Pectin any time of day, starting with one per day, then two per day at meals. But it can be taken without food. Vitamin D3 is an oil vitamin, so it needs to be taken with food. ~~~Nancy

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