Great Deal on A Great Bra!

Nancy K Gurish

Hi there! This is ~~~Nancy!

Here's a great deal on bras Buttercups!

Every now and then you gotta get a new bra! I look for good bras and I look for a good price on them!

Just My Size is a great brand, and I've got a good deal!

3 Bras for $36.00!

Can't beat that! A great brand of bra and a good price!

Just My Size & Hanes Bras - 3/$36

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I hope that you will have an enjoyable experience at my magazine Buttercups!

A Summery of Sections in my magazine!

Amish horse and buggy image, photo taken by Nancy K Gurish.

My Colloidal Silver Story

In about 2006 I had a recollection from when I was 'table-high' about 4-5 years old, I was visiting at my best friend's house - in her basement. I remembered the sight of (an 80 + year old man) her Italian descent Grandfather, reaching into his pocket ... ~`to this page


Richmond Union Passenger Railway

Liquid Bentonite And DMSO

Clays and oils will be altered if they are in plastic - they will draw material out of the plastic. I had to become convinced of that - and I did!
My DMSO smelled and tasted badly when I used one that was in a plastic bottle. Glass costs a bit more but it's the only way to go! ~` to this page!


Nancy Gurish and her dog.

My Dog's Health!

It is important to consider natural health products and solutions for your pet! My dog's health is certainly something that I take seriously! Good dog food is one place to begin. I find the best products ... ~`read more

Electric Street Railway System

Cancer Topics!

In the few years that I've been learning about cancer in my online search for help, I've learned that there are many ways to treat the body. I personally know of three people who have used turmeric for their cancer, and they were successful! ~`to the page

Many Health Solutions!

Virginia Passenger and Power Company

Soaking & Chewing Apricot Kernels

A friend of mine explained to me the importance of both soaking and chewing apricot kernels! I've got a video below which tells in detail why this is necessary! ~`to the video

Virginia Railway and Power Company

My Cracked Tooth Saga!

On this page are the supplements that I took in order to heal my cracked tooth (it broke off at the point where the tooth reached the root).
In the process a deep cavity that I'd had for over a decade began to heal. The cavity has healed to a good extent: and continues to grow and repair. ~`read more!

Colorful image of the gears and piping inside of the steamship the J.P. Snyder, in Ohio

Business Topics

The year that I first bought stocks was something like 1976-78. I was in my very early 20's and I bought some stock! I certainly don't have much invested in stocks, I have never had any kind of appreciable amount, but I've always owned some stock. Today I'm in business for myself! My company is an LLC~ ~`to this department

A piece of white cloth with a very small black dot on it, the dot is a smashed deer tick. Image taken by Nancy Gurish, Editor

Website Building

Website building has become a passion of mine! This is the career that I would have always dreamed of, and never even knew existed! In fact, it didn't exist when I was younger! ~`read on

Unusual image, photo taken by Nancy Gurish, Editor

Technology Topics

When something goes wrong with a computer or a printer for example, it won't be very long before you can figure out a solution! So, I like it! ~`to the Technology Department

Image taken by Nancy Gurish, Editor

Internet Technology

Back in 2006 I found colloidal silver, but I also purchased my first new computer in that year! A brand new Gateway desktop and printer! Whoa that was cool! The internet is where I spend a great deal of my time! Working online is a wonderful opportunity! I understand the online internet technology. ~`to read more

Celebrating 100 years of electric service in Virginia

Sunflower Lecithin

Recently I spoke about taking Lecithan! But I didn't know about the different sources! It looks as if the one to use is lecithin from Sunflowers ~ not from soy! I will be steering away from using any Soy products. ~` read more