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Mobile Phone Banking and Protection!

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

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Something I could never understand was
that people would do their banking

on their phone

That is something I just can't fathom!
Althought there must be some security
built in to the operating system
of a phone, there certainly isn't the protection
that you get from a Windows or MAC laptop
or desktop's operating system.

I believe in getting security to protect
our homes and our internet connections!
The fastest growing crime is identity theft!
There was a time that wasn't a concern for me.
But that time has changed.

... continue ...

In the past three years, I have had three breaches in my
credit information, and one in my husbands. Today
I believe in getting help getting protection.

I'll put some information below and a
few links for products from the company called
Bitdefender. A good reputable company is
where you want to start. With recommendations!
Look at the products available and see which
ones would fit your needs!

Here is a Trial Version of Bitdefender!

More to see!

Bitdefender Internet Security is the Product of the Year, now also fast and non-intrusive in stopping e-threats, securing your online transactions and identity, firewall protection and more.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018

Bitdefender Anti Virus Plus 2018

"Enhanced security,complete with firewall and parental advisor. Uses machine-learning technologies to stay one step ahead of new malware. Official Product of the Year. Zero performance impact. Extremely easy to use.

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"Use of mobile banking appears to be highly correlated with age (table 2), as individuals between ages 18 and 29 account for approximately 44 percent of mobile banking users, relative to 22 percent of mobile phone users. Conversely, individuals age 60 and over account for only 6 percent of all mobile banking users, while at the same time they represent 24 percent of all mobile phone users."
From Board of Governors Federal Reserve ~`

"Protect your Mobile Phone with Security Aps! PC World ~`

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So, thank you! ~~~Nancy