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Online Threats Are Real! I Know!

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Recently, because of the information breach that happened
with the credit bureau Experian `~ I was confronted with looking
at and considering buying protection for my husband and myself;
protection from identity theft and other intruders that comes
to us in this world of ours these days!

I called all of the three credit bureaus and froze our credit
because of this breach. In the mail a couple weeks later
I found that our credit information was among those that
was actually breached!

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Identity theft can come from the internet both on our home
computer and on our smartphones! It is something that
I take very seriously. There are three types of security systems
that I put below for you to look at. Bitdefender is a
good company for security. ~ I'll be talking more and more about
this as we go! Peace Buttercups! ~`

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Some Products!

Bitdefender Internet Security is the Product of the Year, now also fast and non-intrusive in stopping e-threats, securing your online transactions and identity, firewall protection and more.

Bitdefender Anti Virus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is the Product of the Year, now also intensely fast and non-intrusive in stopping e-threats, securing online transactions, and defending your online identity and more.

Internet Security 2017

"Enhanced security,complete with firewall and parental advisor. Uses machine-learning technologies to stay one step ahead of new malware. Official Product of the Year. Zero performance impact. Extremely easy to use.

Bitdefender Family Pack

Bitdefender Family Pack 2016 offers the best antivirus protection for an unlimited number of household devices, ranging from PCs and Macs to Android devices.

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"Without security measures in place, private or confidential information or messages can be viewed, intercepted and even stolen. Depending on the intent of ..."
From Techwallalla ~`

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