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I have literally looked at a pair of shoes
longer than I looked at the house that I am living in!

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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor
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Hi everybody!
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Look Well At The House You Intend To Buy!

"Housing costs continue to rise fast. Just two years ago, they were $17,798 a year on average. They’ve gone up almost $1,000 since then, or nearly 7%. Meanwhile, spending on clothes and transportation were both down in the past year—and gas spending was down sharply, thanks to lower oil prices." ~`

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In my life, I have looked at a pair of shoes longer than I
looked at this house that I live in!
We purchased this house in November of 1999.

The previous owners were still somewhat living in
this house when we, (my husband and I) came to see the house!

The woman it was a married couple with children, acted
as if she didn't want us to see the house.
She wasn't welcoming when we came in through the front door!
We - I felt uncomfortable as if I were interrupting
her! She sat on the couch in the front room
as we walked through the room with the realtor. We had to
get permission to go on to the back enclosed porch.

We weren't allowed to go into the back yard that day,
because of the dog!

After we were settled somewhat into this house we
found out what had been going on inside the house!

And why the woman didn't want us to look
too closely!

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I'll get more in depth through video in the future but one thing
that was so very wrong was, (we found out through
a neighbor as well): when the owners had purchased
their new home, they left their dog in this house
unattended and for a couple of days! at a time!
The results of this were bad!

Very bad!

The bottom line here is inspect the house that you
wish to purchase! Ask questions and look closely
through the house! Do this many times before you commit
to or decide on purhasing!

The way we first found out about this dog issue
was that our dog, a Chow-Chow, Nikki Belle had begun
to pee on the floor in the dining room. The carpet
appeared to be very clean, it was pretty new, but
underneath that carpet, and beneath the padding, the
floor was ruined, stained through with urine from
the previous owner's dog. When they left the dog alone in
the house, he peed all over that floor and the baseboards
in the dining room!

Our dog Nikki had never done this before. She was
marking her territory because
the floor had been marked by Bruno!
I remember the dog's name. A doberman!

One other thing that I can speak to now, is,
there were three (3) industrial, commercial-grade
ceiling fans in the rooms, and each had been installed
into the lathe boards in the ceilings!
I found out about this when I was on a ladder cleaning
one of them. I had a cloth in my hands and was
wiping the blades when the fan dropped
onto the top rung of my ladder!

I hadn't pulled on it, it just dropped!
My husband replaced that removed that particular
fan, and then changed out others in two other rooms.
Each were very improperly installed into the lathe.
How dangerous, huh? Bye for now!
There were more things going on also, and one day I'll write about why we
bought this house!

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