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You could get stuck for a lot of money!

Hi! everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Beware of Contracts and Payment Plans!
Beware of Online Mental Health Help!

As an Online Social Media Influencer I have
received offers to represent different businesses and
products and services!

The most recent offer I have received
was from an online mental health service.

So in my email I received an offer for a sponsorship
from an online mental health agency.

It is a service that provides 24/7 counselling service
which you can access through your phone, notebook or computer.

They offer a mental health counseling service.

So I investigated it.

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What I found was that, it seems this type of counseling
may be okay for persons without real mental
health needs. It may be a service that is good
for advice and general questions about life.

However, if a person has a mental health issue
that comes anywhere near being a real crisis
than their service gets shut off!!
Your counselling can get terminated!
And then you may receive a refund.
I have a feeling that this means they want
no association with you,
when you really have something that requires
real help! They want to wash their hands of you!
They want no liability!

What I feel is a larger issue with this

is the cost!

The upfront cost is as low as $35.00 (US dollars)
per month for 24/7 counseling!
But the real cost that comes in to play is anywhere from
$45.00 to $70.00 per month. I've also seen there is an
initial charge of approx. 280.00 charged to a persons credit card.

This sort of system is similar to some of the
fitness clubs I've come in contact with! Their
costs are way above my means!

Be cautious about giving your credit card number out over
the phone or online! And be cautious about signing
contracts! If it sounds too good to be true
it probably is. and verbal contracts may be valid!
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