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I can take this business into my retirement!

"You need a means of support while doing it. It's a great retirement income stream."

Hi! everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

I'll turn 62 this coming March (2018)!

Do YouTube All Over Again?

The busines I have today can provide a really
good life. Operating a YouTube channel and a website buisness.
But, do it over?
I honestly don't know. I started my website when I was
54 years old, and YouTube when I was almost
57 years old. This is not a usual route for anyone!
But the opportunity presented itself!

I can say that I don't know, because.... well.

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Yes I would do it over becuase it seems that the
work I do today, with this medium is the only work
that completely fits me; who I am and what I can
actually sucessfully do. So there can be
no other answer but yes! I would.

Building a sucessful YouTube channel and website, with
the entire business around it as is necessary is
a huge endeavor. It takes commitment. It takes drive.
But it requires an income to support you while
you do it. It's a learning process and a journey.
I will say that you need to be in this
for the long haul and in 100% in order
to become accomplished with an internet business.

This is work! A lot of work!
It's not for whimps or the faint of heart!
I have used a lot of prayer to get to where I am.
I'm also married, so my husband's income has been
there to support us.

Thank you for being at my website and at
my YouTube channel! God bless you! And your family!
Changing Careers? It's Never Too Late! ~`

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