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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Italian Ice! When I was a kid our neighborhood store was
run by an Italian family! It was there that I had my first
Italian Ice treat! Below is a video
by one of my favorite people! A woman named Clara!
Clara has a video series called Great Depression Cooking!
Her grandson has initiated this series to feature the wonderful
cooking of his grandmother! Clara grew up during the Great
Depression. She shares the recipes of the foods cooked by her mother.
... continue below ...

People were very poor during the Depression! Food was scarce!

There are secrets that Clara shares of what foods people used
in order to feed many people without much money! ~`

You can see this video here or at my YouTube channel!

Italian Ice is an inexpensive flavor treat to make for a family!

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"Here at Walks of Italy, we have quite the sweet tooth—and that’s one of the reasons why we love Italy! Although pizza and pasta get most of the attention, Italy’s cookies, cakes and desserts are pretty delicious, too ..."
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On another note!

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