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~~~Nancy Gurish, Editor

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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
My Whirlpool Tub is so nice!
For many years, before we lived in this house I had
an old-fashioned Claw Foot Tub! It was so nice!

Tonight I took a bath in our Jet tub, without the
jets turned on! It was a different experience, I just laid back
in the tub to soak and in laying back I was
reminded of our Claw Foot tub! It was on a good incline!

It was actually as comfortable as the old-fashioned one!

Every now and then I take a hot bath at night!

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But what I know to be important for this is to:
1) Use a very good water filter to remove toxins!
2) Use Epsom Salts! Today I have one that is Lavender!
Epsom salt's magnesium counters the calcium in the
water from the Chlorine that is added in!

Epsom Salts is the magnesium that your body needs and wants!
Magnesium relaxes your muscles and joints! Lavender is
healthy for the brain and nervous system!

I am ready for bed!

Goodnight Buttercups!

~~~Nancy ~`

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