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Hi! This is ~~~Nancy, from YouTube!

About me!

Oooo. I found something nice and
I believe it will have many uses Buttercups!

A mixture of Bentoninte Clay and Diatomaceous
Earth (DE)! The Food Grade, of course.

Bentonite clay has a load of minerals and
so does, DE! DE has lots of silica as well!
Which is great for binding other minerals!

What my first intention was to use it as a drawing
out material to get rid of toxins!

But today, I got creative and used some on my face
as a mask! It dired very quickly and then I
simply washed it off at the sink!

I'll be makng a video about this in the very
near future!

I'm always looking for new and creative
ways to use the supplements that I find for
health! They can be applied to beauty as well!

In my eyes, beauty is good health!

Health and beauty are both inside jobs!

Diatomaceous Earth For Detox! And More

See my video on Diatomaceous Earth here
or at my YouTube channel! ~` I've been using DE
and Bentonite Clay for a few years now!

They each have a good place, in my home and
for my family's health!

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On another note: Hi there!
During the past six years my lifestyle
has changed quite a bit.
It used to be that I was quite an active person.

My main choice in exercise was walking but I'd
pretty much left this behind in these past years.

So, I've initiated a Walking Campaign with my friends
at my YouTube channel!

I'd like you to join in also! It's been invigorating.

Please join us! Get fresh air and get healthy!

To My Vitamin Listing!
My use and experience! ~~~Nancy

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